In the very beginning of this whole covid disaster, China restricted travel into Wuhan from other parts of China, and out of Wuhan to other parts of China. Conversely, China allowed travel from Wuhan to anywhere else in the world. The period of time when this all happened was a Chinese holiday, and Chinese citizens from Wuhan, fanned out to locations around the world. Now, I don’t have a degree from a high powered university, matter of fact, my diploma is from a high school in Oklahoma, but I had this shit figured out immediately. A year has come and gone, and we are still in this battle to eradicate covid. Suddenly, all of the naysayers, that refused to admit the obvious, are now jumping on the ” Wuhan Lab Accident ” bandwagon. I did the cartoon below, in April of 2020.

If you don’t think China did this intentionally, you probably still believe in the tooth fairy. There could not have been a more opportune time for China to release this virus on the world. The resulting human and economic chaos, moved China ahead by years in their quest for world dominance. Despite what LeBron says, the Chinese Communist Party is ruthless, and will do anything possible to attain their goals.

I’m not going to name people and organizations, you know who they are. I just want to highlight the virtual mountains of lies that were fed to the American people over the past year and six months. I also want to remind you of how quickly the Democrats stripped you of your basic freedoms, without a shred of scientific data to justify their actions.

It is extremely important on this Memorial Day of 2021, to remember the thousands of Americans that died for our freedoms over the past 245 years. It is also extremely important to realize that the Democrat party is willing to disrespect the lives of those heroes, and everything this country stands for, in the quest for all out power. The Democrats are no different than the Chinese Communists, they will stop at nothing to attain all out power.

If you love this beautiful Nation, you must recognize and defeat those that would destroy it. It’s obvious to even the most casual observers, that the Democrats are liars and the enemy of freedom. Spread the word.

Remember the fallen heroes on this day, created in their honor. Honor the living heroes in November on Veterans Day. God Bless the Patriots.


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