If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know I am 80 years old. Time has been pretty good to me. It would have been a lot worse if it weren’t for a few really good surgeons. Having been around as long as I have, I have some pretty strong feelings about a lot of stuff. Human behavior, being one of the biggest issues, I am currently dealing with. We are currently experiencing a bumper crop of total idiots. Very unfortunately, a lot of these total idiots are school teachers, and they are turning out more idiots. It’s sort of like an assembly line at General Motors. One big difference, the assembly line at GM has panic buttons strategically placed along the line, so if anything is going wrong you can shut the line down until the problem is corrected. We need a big red button on the front of every school building, so we can stop the madness at anytime.

The “trigger” ( he, he, he, ) that started this whole thought process was a little story my wife told me at the kitchen table this evening. Our house has a long covered front porch. A few weeks ago, she hung a bird house on the south end of the porch for decorations, never thought a bird would actually use it. While she was hanging it, our ten year old neighbor girl informed my wife, that a bird would never live in a painted bird house, because it was toxic and the bird would reject it. She then revealed this choice bit of knowledge came from her teacher. I am happy to report that a little finch family moved in immediately, the eggs have hatched, and both parents are frantically flying in and out bringing in bits of food for the little ones. I really want to tell my little ten year old neighbor, to tell her teacher she doesn’t know jack about finches.

My wife said that she thinks one of the reasons people make the decision to be teachers, is that they can say damn near anything, and never get called on it. First of all, most kids don’t know if what the teachers are saying is right or wrong. It’s a perfect occupation for someone that wants to inflict weird ideas on children and get away with it. You know, like birds won’t live in painted birdhouses, and God knows what else.

If we learned anything going through this whole Covid mess, it’s that government is not on our side. Who would have thought the teachers and the teachers union would have abandoned our youngsters like a pair of dirty underwear. They used the so called pandemic to leverage more money, and benefits, and all sorts of other stuff. You now know, the students have no value in the eyes of these morons. They are in it for themselves. They may not realize it yet, but this is going to bite them in the ass in a big way, in future negotiations. The teachers we once thought were so wonderful, are really just ordinary money grubbers. Before you start ragging on me, I have a teachers credential from the Los Angeles Unified School District. That said, I don’t claim any allegiance to this bunch losers.

I have recently became a huge fan of John Kennedy, GOP senator from Louisiana. If you haven’t been watching him perform in the senate hearings over the past few days, you have missed a brilliant performance. He is the epitome of a southern lawyer. Smooth talking, respectful, and without people being aware of it, he makes them look like total idiots. He dressed down Biden’s pick to run the ATF and made him look like the fool that he is. David Chipman is nothing but a political hack, with the brain of a piss ant. Chipman is a rabid opponent of the AR15, calling it an assault rifle. ( BTW it isn’t and assault rifle ) Senator Kennedy repeatedly asked him to define what an assault rifle is. He was speechless, he has no idea at all what an assault rifle is, he just sat there. Senator Kennedy may as well have asked him to recite the theory of relativity.

I’ve been watching Anthony Fauci wiggle and squirm for the past few days, Senator Kennedy raked him over the coals as well. While watching Fauci, I began to notice he reminded me a lot of Michael Avenatti. Have you noticed that? Not really providing anything of any value, on virtually every news channel, and getting paid really well for doing nothing.

Every day, I look at the people around me, and can’t believe my eyes. It’s not as bad in the area I live in, but it’s still pretty bad. I see people every day outside, walking alone, or riding a bicycle, wearing a face mask. I can’t help but wonder, how is a person able to function, that lives with that level of fear? Or, the person driving alone wearing a face mask. I’ve seen two people in a car, both wearing face masks. I have to admit, I am really ashamed of my fellow Americans for being such a big bunch of sissies, and letting the media and the government take over their brains. It’s been like watching one of those old black and white ‘B’ movies from the fifties. ” The Body Snatchers” is the first one that comes to mind. If you haven’t seen it, you are living it right now.

Right now I’m thinking about “My Pillow”. How great is Mike Lindell? I have never had a decent pillow until I bought a ” My Pillow”. I asked my wife, how can it be that only one man in the world knows how to make a pillow? Probably one of the most amazing products on the market. Nothing can compare to a hot shower, and My Pillow. Life is good. God Bless you all. Remember the not famous words of my Father; “its a great life if you don’t weaken”.




  1. At a recent family birthday dinner, my six year old great nephew said “gender neutral.” This is what they are learning in school. Love Kennedy’s remarks and interrogations. Fauci is the new Avenatti as the media will drop him like a hot potato once he is exposed.


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