In case you haven’t noticed by now, since the Democrats have taken total control of the Federal government, their goal is standard leftist policy, which is to throw crumbs to the poor, and saddle the successful with high taxes, and regulations to strip them of their wealth. It is a very lightly veiled version of socialism. The facts are not pretty, when they are put in front of your eyes. The Federal government has spent 23 trillion dollars in efforts to fight poverty since 1963. Out of that 23 trillion dollars, the poor have only seen a tiny amount trickle down to their level, it has all ended up in the hands of city administrators and other local officials. While I don’t have the information to back up my claim, I would venture to say, a tidy sum of that money found it’s way back into the hands of the Democrat party. I make that claim, because the Democrats have maintained total power in cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, and others. I would wager, if you followed the money, it flows directly from the U.S. Treasury into the hands of the Democrat party. If you think for a moment, the Democrats are really concerned about the welfare and future of these inner city folks, you are in serious need of counseling. Just in case you get lost in zeros, there are 1,000 millions in a billion, and 1000 billions in a trillion. I don’t think I need to tell you how enormous that amount of money is. It is literally beyond the comprehension of most folks whose minds function in thousands of dollars, like mine. After spending that amount of money, with virtually zero success, these idiots have the gall to say they want to pay reparations? They don’t give a rip about making anyone whole, they are buying votes with your tax dollars. You are going to be an unwilling donor to the Democrat party.

I found this little video on line that you may find fascinating.

The video is a few years old, so the national debt depicted is about 10 trillion larger. Uggghh!!!

Getting back to the title of the article, Democrats don’t think on a grand scale of how to make America great. They think on a grand scale of how to make the Democrat party great, and stay in power. Unfortunately the ideas and policies held by the Democrats don’t translate into a strong middle class, and opportunities for a robust small business community. They would rather see the wealth in the hands of powerful corporations, and tech companies. That scenario equates in to raw power over the masses.

Think about what has happened to your rights over the past year. The blue state governors have successfully taken away your rights to worship, your rights to gather, and forced your neighborhood businesses to close, and allowed the large corporate stores to remain open. They have quarantined you in your homes, forced you to wear useless facial coverings, and now they are going to force you to be vaccinated or you will be banned from all sorts of activities. The social media platforms have been more than happy to get on the band wagon, banning you if you dare complain, or disparage government officials or talk anti vaccine.

If the Democrats wanted to make America great, wide open borders would be out of the question. On one hand, they talk about higher wages for everyone, but they are driving down wages and the economy by allowing hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers to flood across our borders, putting an even larger burden on the welfare and law enforcement systems.

Socialism never makes great nations, it only makes a few people at the top of the pyramid very wealthy and privileged. Everyone else is destined to live in substandard conditions. The picture below is what Cuba looks like after 60 odd years.

If you look at any large inner city neighborhood ghetto in the US, it doesn’t look much different. Most all of our large cities are controlled by Democrats, this is the result. Look at what has happened to Seattle, Washington, and Portland Oregon over the past year. Those cities have plummeted into chaos under Democrat rule. This is exactly what the Democrats have in mind for the entire United States. This is exactly the way they like it. Poor people are powerless, they have no means to fight back against tyranny. They have been stripped of everything. The once great state of California, now has the highest amount of poverty in the U.S. Wake up, and pay attention to what is happening to our great nation. The Democrats are dismantling it, one city at a time, next the states will start falling. The Democrats are releasing dangerous felons from the prisons to cause more chaos, while simultaneously restricting the authority of the local police departments.

What a surprise for people when the Democrats finally complete the plan, and have total and complete power. They will turn this nation into a police state, and anyone that doesn’t obey their strict rules of behavior will be locked up, and never see the light of day again. Look at any place on the planet where this has happened, it’s always the same, sometimes worse. Being banned from Facebook will be the least of your worries. Pay attention to what happens to political dissidents in China and Russia. If they’re not executed, they are imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives. Think Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. The Democrats would have group orgasm if they could put Rudy G. behind bars. This is just getting started. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The experts agree, this nation has never been more divided, or violent. The Democrats are adding to the violence by refusing to prosecute criminals. Members of the Democrat party in the Congress openly support anti-Semitic rhetoric, and violence. Democrats refuse to speak out against anti-Asian violence. Some have made weak watered down statements. Democrats have not yet condemned the riots of last summer, when people were murdered, injured and whole cities burned to the ground. Democrats refuse to denounce the actions of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFIA. Both organizations are clearly domestic terrorists.

In my humble opinion, the number one enemy of the United States of America, is the Democrat Party. They have clearly aligned themselves with China. ( that’s a whole other blog for another day ) Democrats are clearly pushing this nation down the path to socialism. But make no mistake, there are a lot of Republicans that seem to be just fine with the whole idea. This nation is on the brink of disaster, thanks to the Democrat socialists and useless Republicans. We seriously need a bunch of Freedom zealots, with fire in their bellies. I’m tired of listening to the news about how dire the situation is. I want to hear someone start laying out plans on how they plan on reversing this mess. We need solutions, not complaints.

This morning, I sat down in front of my computer and started reading Fox Breaking News. The stupidity of politicians and news organizations was ablaze like the fires of last summers riots. After perusing the news for about 10 minutes, I made the decision to stop writing about depressing crap, and switch my attention to subjects more interesting and humorous. So, from this point forward, Steel Pencil will take on a different look. I won’t be able to refrain from making fun of politicians and dumb celebrities, but I’m finished with deep dives into the political swamps, it’s too depressing. At this point in my life, I need more humor, getting old is depressing enough. By the way, have you noticed the similarities between Anthony Fauci, and Michael Avenatti?


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