At this point in time, no one is really sure. While this is certainly nothing new, whoever, or whatever it is, seems to be stepping up the game. Recently, UFO’s or UAP’s as they are now called, have been stalking U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carriers and fighter aircraft on a daily basis. Read CBS news article below.


The Pentagon reportedly has a lot of information they have been hiding away, for whatever reason. According to all of the reports, they are going to start releasing this information within the coming weeks. There are rumors that the US Government is in possession of wreckage from one of these aircraft. Will they let us know everything? If we have learned anything from history, the answer is probably no.

The performance characteristics of these aircraft are clear indications that the beings operating them, are greatly superior in knowledge. These UAP’s have been spotted below the surface of the ocean, traveling at incredible speeds. It’s obvious that the physical barriers that we have not been able to overcome, are no problem for whatever or whoever has created these vehicles.

The big question on everyone’s mind, is why are they openly stalking our naval vessels? UAP’s have been seen around nuclear sites since the first atomic bomb was being created and tested. There have been reports from other world powers, but sketchy at best. England has logged hundreds of sightings over the years, and they are available in public records.

For decades, people have scoffed at the idea of alien aircraft operating in the earths atmosphere. But, we are now learning, that this is true. So what about the people that have been dubbed as wacky and nuts, for saying they were abducted by alien spacecraft? Could their stories be true as well? If these alien visitors are indeed as advanced as they appear to be, why wouldn’t they be highly interested in earth’s inhabitants? Abducting a few folks here and there shouldn’t be a major problem for them. Being arrested for kidnapping probably isn’t a big concern for these little folks with big eyes.

So, if these folks are hostile, I would say we are probably SOL. If they can make amphibian aircraft that travel hundreds of times faster than our fastest fighters, and are capable of operating under sea at hundreds of knots, our conventional weaponry, will be no match for theirs. These alien craft, have no exhaust signature, and can change directions in an instant. Their rapid movements would kill a human being at the controls. They are either unmanned probes, or have been able to counteract the earths gravity in some way.

We have been developing HPM weapons for some time now, and are perfecting them more and more. These weapons, as scary as they are, would likely be highly inferior. Click on the link below to read more about high-power microwave weapons.


If we do make contact with these folks sometime in the future, I would highly suggest an all out attempt at peace negotiations. I would also highly suggest, that we assemble a team of negotiators made up of non politicians. Look at the mess they have made of this world, just in the past four months. Probably some folks from the Unitarian Church would work, you can’t get more passive than Unitarians.

Stay tuned for occasional updates on this subject as the next few weeks are going to yield more and more information. You can count on me to take a serious look at what is happening.


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