Part two was deliberately delayed, so that I could comment on Biden’s performance during and after the G7 Conference. His meeting with Vladimir Putin will be in private, so they can spin it anyway they wish, and we will never know what really happened. Biden’s performance has been embarrassing to say the least. One of the most striking incidents, ( and there were many ) He and Jill were walking across an outdoor dining area, and Joe seems to get lost and disoriented. Jill had to call out to him to come along, and the diners sitting nearby were laughing hysterically. Let’s be perfectly honest, Joe is gone, he is a walking shell of a person, barely able to function on his own, and the Democrats are using him as a prop. Like Joe or not, ( I never did ) it is a sad thing to see him being humiliated daily. His own wife is OK with it. She likes being in the spotlight. Despite their high positions, all of these people are low lives. They are really no different than a bunch of meth heads living in grandma’s house, stealing her social security money. Same principle, different circumstances, and one hell of a lot more at stake.

So far, Biden has been performing as expected…. giving away the farm. That cliché the Democrats coined, ” Build Back Better”, translated means; Put all of Obama’s polices back in place, plus things he could have done if he had another four years. Guess what my dear friends, It is pretty clear, Barack is lurking in the shadows, pulling Joe’s strings. So, effectively, Barack did get another four years in office as the shadow leader. Barack was often accused of “leading from behind”, now he is leading from behind the curtain.

Biden’s European visit, has been a very sad day, for America’s standing on the world stage. Joe Biden puts forth and image of a tired old man, suffering from dementia, unable to deliver a clear and concise message, and unable to put forth strong, and decisive posture, as the leader of the free world. This has even deeper implications, it makes the American people look weak and stupid, to elect such a person as our leader. The only thing that takes the sting out of it, for us the voters, is knowing that the election was rigged. Democrats have made a mockery out of free and fair elections. The truth will eventually be known, just like we are finally learning the truth about the origins of Covid-19. The Democrats are truly trying to burn this nation down.

Another truth that is beginning to emerge, is how the FBI has been involved in some very illegal activities, concerning setting up people to be arrested for crimes. Instead of embedding agents in organizations to spy on them, FBI agents have actually been involved in organizing the crimes, and participating in the crimes. Most recently, the January 6th, Capitol riot. Several of the people that participated in that riot were actually FBI agents, inciting the riot. It seems that the attempted kidnapping of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, had an FBI agent embedded in that group that helped in the planning. Didn’t they used to call that “entrapment”? The government is using law enforcement against American citizens at an alarming level, especially if you’re on the wrong side of the political spectrum. When they are bold enough to try and take down a sitting President, the average person is in deep trouble. Look no further than how viciously they went after General Michael Flynn. This information came to light on tonight’s Tucker Carlson show, highlighted in his monolog. Click on the link below to watch in it’s entirety.

I’m not going to waste my time waiting on tomorrow’s big summit meeting with Joe and Vlad. You will likely get a truer picture of what actually happened, listening to Russia’s version. Our media will dress it up and lie about it, so why even waste your time watching.

I had so much more to say, but adding the link to Tucker, took up too much reading time. I will continue to ride this horse, we have a lot more ground to cover on this subject. God bless you all. Stay strong.


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