There is probably no other place in the world, where a wider range of topics are discussed in a single session. My wife and I being older folk, and the only inhabitants of our house, often have a simple dinner in our kitchen area. We used to eat in the living room, while watching Sean Hannity, but that was causing indigestion, and lingering depression. During and after dinner, we discuss everything from family to politics, and dozens of things in between.

Tonight is Friday night, and we normally get all spruced up, and have dinner at our local eatery, then stop by the lodge, and have a couple of drinks, before calling it a week. Tonight we had dinner at home because our Governor just shut everything down again, so eating out was not going to happen. Nobody is sure why she did this, it’s a mystery to everyone but her. I can only guess that she gets off making everyone’s lives miserable.

As you can imagine, taking into account all of the nonsense going on in government, tonight’s discussion was longer and more intense than usual. We decided unanimously that it was time to take up arms and revolt, then we looked at our age and finances and decided that was out of reach. We talked about relocating to somewhere like Chile, but again, the age thing put a damper on that as well. So, it looks like we are just going to have to ride it out. Lately we have been discussing the topic of reincarnation, and my wife said if she dies, she is going to request that she takes a long rest before returning to earth again. At least until Trump is re-elected.

My wife was born and raised in London, England, me in south central U.S, so we have quite a different perspective on things in general. She has a deep gratitude for the American soldiers that gave up their lives to liberate France, and help defend Britain, and defeat Hitler’s war machine, . She is probably one of the most patriotic Americans alive. I was only five years old when world war two ended, but my life was forever impacted by that event, in many ways. The love of Old Glory, and the United States of America, were permanently engrained into my psyche for the duration of my life. So, we are deeply saddened by what we see happening to our beloved homeland.

We spoke about how there is virtually no difference between Democrats and Republicans anymore. The Republicans have abandoned conservative Americans like us. They no longer represent us, they seem to only be in the game for themselves. The Democrats are going to crush anyone that disagrees with them, and the Republicans will stand by, say and do nothing. We are utterly astonished, at the disinterest the Republicans are showing while the left is dismantling our nation. Everyday Americans are outraged, our representatives don’t seem to notice.

The conversation then took a lighter tone, and we laughed about Joe Biden and his obsession with wearing a mask. Even wearing a mask while on a zoom conference call with other world leaders. To everyone else in the world, Biden and his administration must be like watching a sitcom. Then we had a good laugh about Jill Biden’s choice of attire last week. Someone posted a picture of her on Facebook in her outfit, and captioned it ” leather, lace, and liver spots”. We speak daily, about the incoherence of what Joe Biden says. He is obviously reading everything from notes, or a teleprompter, so his speech writer has to be an idiot, or Biden is just screwing up constantly. The Biden administration is like watching the British sitcom ” Fawlty Towers “.

The Kitchen Table conversations will continue. The room obviously hasn’t been ” bugged “, otherwise we would be ostracized from the family by now, or under investigation by the FBI. On second thought, we have a Google Assistant, so our conversations may be under scrutiny. We might be wise to unplug that damn thing while we have our talks.

I want to thank all of you that took the time to read Steel Pencil. In the four years since I have been writing this blog, April was my best month ever, I am humbled by your loyalty. God Bless you all.


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