After my wife read my latest blog about reincarnation, she recounted an experience she had years ago in London, her birthplace, and residence for many years. Her family was entertaining a young woman from South Africa, taken there from England as a small child. My wife volunteered to show her around the historical places in London. When they approached the Tower of London, the South African woman said “I remember taking this walk the day my lady died, she was executed”. My wife said this is not the place where they held the public executions. My wife’s companion said she died around the corner, and led my wife to a group of buildings. As they approached, the woman became weak kneed, close to fainting. She led my wife into a garden, and to a small monument marking the place where Ann Boleyn, second wife of Henry the Vlll was executed on May 19, 1536. Her spirit witnessed the execution of Ann Boleyn, about 425 years prior. My wife said that when the South African lady nearly fainted, she held her to keep her from falling, and for a split second, saw the woman as she would have been dressed in that period.

Another reader, recounted his experience while in High School, visiting Victoria, British Columbia. After their hockey match, he and his friends toured the city. To his amazement, he knew the city as if it was his home. He said he knew the names of the streets, and where he was at all times. He had never been there before. ( in this lifetime anyway )

This is probably one of the most interesting subjects I have been involved in. I am anxious to read more accounts from people with past life experiences. I am totally fascinated with the notion of reincarnation. Please let me know if you have experienced this, or know someone that has.

The Democrats are in the process killing our beloved Uncle. They are out to eradicate him, and everything he stands for. They are hellbent on the destruction law and order, our court systems, our public schools and colleges. They are weaponizing the DOJ, and FBI to take out political opponents, taking on the likeness of the old KGB in Russia. They are out of control, and rapidly destroying all that America stands for. Equal justice under the law is quickly being wiped out. It is becoming very clear, they are making an unprecedented power play to transform this nation into a socialist hell hole. All of those illegal immigrants flooding over the border, are in for a rude awakening, when the USA starts looking a lot like their home countries. The wanton printing of currency to fund all of this crazy stuff, will eventually weaken the dollar to the point your 401K’s will be decimated, and inflation will be rampant. The Democrats seem to be deliberately driving the US over a cliff at high speed. The question is; for what? What is the end game?

I didn’t think I would see the day when Americans were so fearful, they would be willing to give up their basic freedoms, and liberty for personal safety. The government has taken a virus that is no more deadly than seasonal flu, and created mass fear and hysteria among the citizenry. So much so, that Americans have willingly followed along like sheep for over a year now, and some blue state governors, are not even close to relinquishing their new found powers. They continue to stoke fear with reports of increasing cases of covid. What they aren’t telling you, is that the new cases aren’t resulting in extended hospitalizations, and death. They are just positive tests, period. But the numbers keep folks terrified and willing to quarantine in their homes. Everyone just accepts that these jackasses are telling the truth, which is highly doubtful.

For years now, we have made major progress in race relations. But in the blink of an eye, we have regressed into to most hateful and raciest nation on earth. That’s according to the Democrats and their lackeys in the main stream media. This is simply not true, you are being gaslighted, pure and simple. Overnight, white people bad, black and brown people good. The Democrats and the MSM have kept hammering this message home now for the past few years, and people have started believing it. Police are bad, criminals are victims of Police violence, Police must be reigned in. Meanwhile, murders, rapes, robberies, drive by shootings, crimes of all types, are at all time highs. Guess who is committing the crime, yep, those wonderful black and brown folks that are being oppressed by the bad white folks. Lot’s of black and brown folks are getting murdered and raped and robbed. Not by white folk, by other black and brown folk. This is insanity at all levels.

Meantime in Beijing, they’re not having racial problems, no cities are getting burned to the ground, they’re not shutting down critical businesses and industry for some non existent threat caused by covid. They’re not destroying their country by pitting one race against another. They aren’t opening their borders and letting hordes of illegal immigrants overrun their cities and towns. Nope, China is focused on one goal. Making China number one on the world stage, dominating the world economy, and having the most powerful military on the planet.

American politicians are fools, American citizens have become weak and complacent, willing to huddle in their homes like rats in order to avoid a made up pandemic. We better wake the hell up, before it’s too late. It may already be too late. The Democrat Party is the enemy within that is going to destroy America, and nobody is resisting them. So sad my friends, so sad.



  1. Deja vu it’s called. My dad visited me in spirit after he died. Not sure if he is reincarnated but his spirit spoke to me via mental telepathy when I was crying over his death while in bed. He assured me that he was doing fine. Then an electric pulse went through my whole body like he was hugging my pain away. It wasn’t a dream as I was awake. Then he flew away in spirit. It comforted me and left me knowing the spirit lives on. Never happened again.


  2. My late wife’s younger brother died a few days after being burned severely in an industrial accident. She was very close to him in life. She was heartbroken. The same thing occurred, he appeared at the foot of the bed one night, shortly after his death and told her he was fine, and not to worry about him any longer. She was wide awake during the episode. It’s a well documented fact that spirit does not die, or simply remain in limbo. It’s absolutely fascinating and exciting knowing you have another life and more adventures after this life. For more mental stimulus, read about ” terminal lucidity”. I believe that is the spirit telling loved ones “goodbye”. Thanks for reading my stuff.


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