I don’t know about all writers, but my mind tends to wander around and ” dabble” in ideas, and ask a lot of questions about stuff that people consider established beliefs. Everything will be going along just fine, then I read something, and my brain says ” hey, what if? ” This is one of those moments.

I recently read a piece on reincarnation, that started the cogs in my brain spinning, and I haven’t been able to quit thinking about this topic. I consider myself to be a Christian man, and this topic is not well received in Christian circles, but maybe, just maybe, the so called Christian scholars got it wrong. So, let’s explore some areas nobody seems to have answers for.

After reading actual accounts of young children, accurately recalling events that happened in past lives, anyone with a tiny bit of curiosity wants to know more. So, we know that our brains store memories of past events, like an organic recorder. Obviously, the spirit has the ability to store information as well, and carry it forward without the aid of the brain. I doubt that anyone knows what percentage of children, have these memories, maybe more than we realize. When a child is termed a prodigy, in my opinion, they are exercising talents they possessed in a previous life, and were somehow allowed to carry them forward. In my own family, we possess similar abilities and skills that show up in our family tree for generations. You can call it genetics, but I’m pretty sure there is more going on than just similar physical traits.

The Bible clearly says that no one enters the Kingdom of Heaven, without being ” born again”, in other words baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, the Savior. The first thing that comes to mind is, wait a minute, that automatically excludes people born before Christ appeared on earth and brought forth the New Testament. If reincarnation does in fact exist, that problem is solved. Another problem solved, are people that never heard the Gospel of Christ, in ancient civilizations.

Reincarnation coincides with the Christian faith in other ways. The resurrection of Jesus Christ demonstrates how the spirit is able to move in and out of physical bodies, and does not perish with the death of the physical body. The gospel teaches us that God created countless souls that were with him in Heaven before he created Earth. As the population of the earth increased, more souls were given the opportunity to come to earth to begin their long journey through time, and their quest for perfection, to be able to prove their worthiness, and one day to return to Heaven and live for eternity in the presence of the Creator. I think this also explains the threat of “being cast into the outer darkness for eternity” for committing unforgivable sins. Your spirit would not be allowed to pass on to another physical body, and be forever in limbo, and thus prevent you from making the full circle back to the Creator.

As I mentioned above, it seems the spirit carries learned knowledge, as it moves on it’s journey through time. That would indicate to me, that each time the spirit inhabits a human body, it’s part of the ongoing attempt to achieve perfection. We know from our human experience, it takes some people a long time to get their act together. Some go through an entire lifetime and never make any notable progress. It would make sense that the same condition exists in the spirit world.

I have met people that are wonderful human beings. They make you feel good just being in their presence. There is not a single thing offensive about them. They make you feel totally welcome, and you are always eager to visit them again. I would think you are in the presence of an old spirit, one very close to completing their journey. When the spirit reaches that point of perfection, and God calls them home, is that what it means to stand before God and be judged?

These are just a few of the thoughts that were generated by reading the article on reincarnation. A collection of “what ifs”. I spent over thirty years in the LDS Church, before I opted out. One of the teachings of the LDS religion that I totally agree with, is that God operates within the laws of nature and physics. Thus, logic rules in all things, that God does, and creates. So, if the goal is spiritual perfection, why would God create a brand new spirit each time a person is born,? The time span of a human life, compared to eternity, simply isn’t sufficient to meet that goal. I believe that God created a finite number of sprit beings, and the human race as we know it, will end when all of the spirit beings have reached perfection, and have been called back, or eliminated through disobedience to God’s laws.

I hope you enjoyed my slightly unusual thoughts on religion and the spirit world. It was fun to speculate on something we know almost nothing about, other than what theologians tell us. I’m not sure they can back up a lot of what they teach. Just wanted you to know, that I have other thoughts and interests other than politics. Lately politics have gotten so vile and nasty, I had to step away or go stark raving mad.

Let’s hope and pray for a more peaceful summer, and an end to the madness the Democrats have created. My fear is, that this is only the beginning of a long tough road before the violence comes to an end. God bless you all.


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