If you’re still in doubt, you’re either blind or just plain stupid. It should be clear to you by now, that the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to destroy everything possible that even resembles the old America. Running amok doesn’t even begin to describe their actions. The Biden administration has yet to enact any program that is “constructive”. Literally everything they done to date has been “destructive”. When you compare how President Trump governed, he was focused like a laser on improving America any way he could. What he accomplished in four short years was phenomenal.

Biden and his wrecking crew are engaging on four different fronts, that are going to have very far reaching impact on future life in this nation.

TAMPERING WITH ELECTION LAWS. Since this country was founded, free and fair elections have been one of America’s Crown Jewels. It has set us apart from virtually every other nation on the planet, and has kept us free, and prosperous. The Democrats want to change the laws so the elections can be manipulated, and keep them in power. If they are successful, the U.S. will become a one party nation, and your freedoms, what few you have left, will be stripped from you. Their goal is to disenfranchise half of American voters. Make no mistake, the Democrats would love nothing more than to have complete control over your lives. They already control most of the news outlets. The main stream media is now fully on board with spewing endless propaganda. They have been caught “red handed” numerous times in the past few years editing interviews to fit the leftist narrative.

IGNORING IMMIGRATION LAWS: There is no better indicator, of how much the Democrats despise American citizens, when they allow unmitigated illegal immigration. That’s no different than your local government ordering you to remove the locks from the doors of your house, and allow anyone to enter your home at will, and take up residence. Not only can they live in your house for free, they order you to feed and clothe them as well. Imagine total strangers coming into your home, that is a safe haven for you and your family. You don’t get to vet them, you have to accept whoever shows up, no questions asked. You have no idea if they are murderers, or drug addicts, or rapists. I doubt if you’re going to sleep well under those conditions. Check out the link below for an eye opening experience.

(1) Facebook

We have a huge homeless crisis on the west coast, it’s common knowledge. It’s also common knowledge that the homelessness is most rampant in Democrat controlled cities. Democrats have no interest in fixing this problem. Every night homeless folks fend for themselves to stay warm and dry anyway possible. Why this problem exists is not the point. The point is, that the Federal Government, houses illegal immigrants in hotels, gives them clothing, and food, and even puts the children in classrooms with “in person” teaching, while your kids are being kept at home. Illegal immigrants are being given preferential treatment over American citizens, when they have no right to be here in the first place. But you can forget about voting the miserable bastards out of office, they have the elections rigged so your vote doesn’t matter anymore. How does that make you feel?

STOKING RACIAL DIVISION AND HATRED: This is probably the most sinister of all practices. By sowing the seeds of racial division, the natural by product is hatred of people you wouldn’t normally take much notice of. Since the two terms of Barrack Hussein Obama, I am super aware of race. Before Obama took office I rarely gave it much thought. Obama began almost immediately, highlighting how white folk were oppressing black folk. His first foray was attacking the Cambridge Police for arresting a black educator trying to break into his own home, after misplacing his keys. It immediately became a racial issue instead of simply a misunderstanding. Barrack and his “wingman” Eric Holder, never missed a chance to stoke racial division. To say they had “chips on their shoulders” would be an understatement. Every president has an outstanding achievement during their time in office. Barrack’s was fomenting racial tensions.

Make no mistake, stoking racial division is just a leftist tool to help them achieve a bigger goal. By dividing Americans by race, religion, sex, and anything else they can think of, they are able to destroy the unity that made America great in the first place. A divided nation is weak, and easily controlled. Unity is power. However, there is a dangerous aspect to this, that the Democrats are willing to ignore for short term power. Dividing people into tribes, will soon to permeate every level of the population like a cancer, and eventually kill the host.

Blacks are being sucked into this hate vortex at an alarming rate, and it should cause everyone great concern. What’s even more amazing is that the hate is being generated by whites against whites. Large multi-national corporations and Universities with virtually all white hierarchies, and the Federal government, are up to their eyebrows in pushing critical race theory. This garbage being crammed down the throats of white workers, is telling them they are inherently filled with hate for people of color, and they can’t do anything about it, it’s in their DNA. Of course blacks and other people of color are starting to lash out against whites convinced that whites are responsible for their problems, whatever they may be. Basically, the left is attempting to make white folks the minority even though they make up 73% of the total population.

If you are paying attention, blacks are becoming increasingly violent and a lot more bold in their violence. Car jackings are increasing at alarming rates, along with random violence. Broad daylight shootings in large cities are becoming commonplace. The left is trying to pin the growing violence against Asians on white supremists, when videos and arrests are showing these acts are being perpetrated by blacks. Young black criminals are acutely aware of the leniency of the law toward them, and are taking full advantage of it. The left has very successfully convinced young blacks their problems are all caused by the established society, which just happens to be overwhelmingly white. Asians only make up a small percentage of the overall population, roughly half of the black population yet are wildly more successful than blacks, due to their cultural differences. So, as you might imagine, the blacks are thinking they are getting the short end of the stick, but not for the reasons they think.

Now, for some irony. The left has used the black folks for years to help them stay in power, and given them nothing for their party loyalty. Now, the Democrats are throwing the blacks aside for the Latino votes. The Latinos in California have pushed the blacks out of their traditional neighborhoods. It’s happening all around the nation. The Democrats are on a quest to import as many Latinos into this nation as possible to completely change the voter demographics. Basically, the Democrats are going to put the screws to the blacks again. So, when the hordes of Latinos start moving into the black strongholds of eastern cities, where are the blacks going next? In 2019 Latinos already made up 18% of U.S. population, 5% more than blacks, and accounted for 52% of all U.S. population growth. The black community better start listening to Candace Owens and others like her before it’s too late. By the way, ever wonder why the Democrats stay silent while blacks burn and loot cities? It’s a great smokescreen while they go about replacing them with Latinos .

ATTACKING THE CONSTITUTION: If you have been following my blog, I have been saying for years, the Constitution is the left’s biggest problem. It stands in their way of total a total takeover of America. The very foundation of our freedoms are wrapped up in the First and Second Amendment. The Democrats never stop hacking away at these two very important amendments. If they can strip those away, everything else crumbles. Biden made a statement a few days ago that should shake everyone to their core. He said, ” no amendment in the constitution is absolute”, meaning they can be stripped away at will. ( According to Joe ) I’m not really sure how much fight the American people have in them, but I would hope, if the Democrats attempted eliminating Constitutional Amendments, it would result in a serious uprising. That would certainly separate the men from the boys, as virtually every one in the United States Military, from Privates, to Generals, took an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution, as well as Congress, DOJ, FBI, and CIA.

More bizarre things are happening every day at the Federal level. We can only hope there are some brave American souls in key positions willing to do the right things. Stay strong my conservative friends. God Bless you and your families.



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