The corner stone of any society is the nuclear family. It is a totally natural phenomenon that has been in place since the beginning of civilization. We’re just naturally made that way, it’s part of our survival instincts. We speak at lengths about how our nations founders, created this fabulous place where we live, but it never would have worked without the traditional families, that signed on to the idea, and passed on those ideals and the passion for freedom on to future generations of Americans.

The family is where children are taught how to interact with others in society, based on the way family members interact with each other. A family that attends church together are much more likely to treat each other with respect, simply because the message of Christ, is to love and respect one another. If the father and mother are strong disciplinarians, the children are thus, taught to respect authority. In my family, my mother was the spiritual teacher, my father the strong, male influence with respect for the law, and tireless provider. No family is perfect, we are mere mortals, and make mistakes as we pass through this life. But building a strong family that loves and respects each other, and forgives one another for those mistakes is priceless. A strong nuclear family gives peace and comfort you will not find anywhere else in the world.

It is also important for the parents to exhibit patriotism. Children growing up with patriotic parents will almost always be patriots themselves. It was part of their family traditions. So, it’s easy to see why families are so important for a strong nation. A nation of strong families, will endure all of the challenges it faces from the combined strength of the families themselves. When you create a substance made of of millions of tiny fibers, such as fiberglass, the combined strength of those millions of tiny fibers held together by a bonding agent, create an almost indestructible product. Families are the fibers, held together with patriotism as the bonding agent, that made America great, and will keep America great.

The primary objective of socialists, is to downplay the importance of the family. They know that if they can convince people that single parent families and no families at all is the way to go, they can weaken the fiber that makes America strong. Black Lives Matter being a Marxist Communist organization is calling for the abolition of the nuclear family. One only has to look at how the left has destroyed the traditional family structure in the black communities by creating a welfare state, and making them dependent on government handouts. Traditional families in the black community were commonplace before the Democrats implemented the massive welfare programs. As a matter of fact, children born out of wedlock in the black community in the 1960’s was about 24%. Today that rate is closer to 70%. A very notable side effect is the lack of patriotism among young blacks. Who can forget the statement by Michelle Obama when she became first lady for the first time. She famously said, ” for the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country”. It’s not uncommon for black athletes earning massive salaries, to make statements that are anti American.

This is not only happening in the black communities, it has been creeping into the white communities as well, albeit at a slightly slower pace. More and more young white people are opting out of traditional marriages, and expressing disdain for America. I don’t think anyone would question my opinion, this is in large part to our current educational system, coupled with the powerful influences by entertainers that glorifies single parent families, and a socialist ideology. Sadly for young women that make the choice to be a single Mom, that choice is going to make their lives extremely more difficult. Often ends up with them living in poverty, working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. The effects on children growing up under these conditions are devastating. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out when single parents are spending fourteen to sixteen hours a day working, it doesn’t leave much time for parenting. Another unpleasant side effect is the number of Grandparents that find themselves raising more children late in life.

For a nation to be strong and prosperous, you must maintain an orderly society. People acting in an orderly manner voluntarily is the essence of freedom. Realizing there are consequences for being disorderly, needs to be instilled in the minds of children to create a peaceful society, without the need for heavy handed law enforcement. This is exactly why the opponents of the police are missing the point entirely. You create law abiding citizens and heavy handed policing is not required. For the most part Americans are law abiding, That is why we are able to maintain law and order with approximately 2.5 officers per 1,000 citizens. The people clamoring for less police are the ones that are causing the most problems. Sorta makes sense.

There are so many facets to the problems facing American society today, it’s impossible to identify all of them in one article. At the risk of over simplifying the matter, one of the main components is selfishness. When people are willing to do bad things to others, to get what they want, civilization begins to deteriorate rapidly. The young people under the age of 25 years old, are the worst I have seen in my eighty years on this earth. I saw young people in the summer riots of 2020, attack the elderly, and disabled folks. They destroyed the businesses and property of innocent people. Looting is now considered a form of reparations to Black Lives Matter. Corrupt politicians are attempting to blame the recent attacks against Asian Americans on White Supremists, when videos clearly show almost all, if not all, are being perpetuated by Blacks.

I identified several conditions that are contributing to societal problems, but there are many others to talk about in future articles. When I titled this article “Disappearing Americans” I’m talking about the people that were around when I was growing up, and when I was a young married man. People that got married, had children, bought homes, got up an went to work every day, had evening BBQ’s, weekend outings at the lake or river. The kids rarely got into any real trouble other than childhood mischief. Every morning in our first class of the day, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Lords Prayer. The streets were safe, we were able to play and walk the streets at night without any fear of danger. Most of the families I knew owned guns, they weren’t locked up, we were taught to leave them alone, and we did. It wasn’t a perfect world, there are always people that do bad things, but it was certainly a different world than we live in today. Those Americans are disappearing quickly. America has changed, and sadly, will never be the same again.

Time has moved on, the old America has passed away. The new America is like an unruly infant, and like an infant, you have absolutely no idea what he or she will be when they grow up. They can turn out to be a marvelous human being or a hell raising maniac. Right now, it’s not looking real good for the former. I have said this before, I’m really happy to be eighty years old next month. I won’t have to endure the pain of watching my beloved country destroyed for too long. I’m beginning to understand the term ” Grateful Dead”. I pray for strong young men and women that are willing to take up the banner of the American Dream, and fight for it’s survival. God Bless you all.


  1. “More and more young white people are opting out of traditional marriages” I now have two nephews that are having children out of wedlock. Maybe they have found a way to game the system by claiming they are a single dad raising their children in order to get a check from the gov. which started under Obama. Their parents are big time libs or as I think they should be renamed, Socialcrats.

    You’re going to be around much much longer than 80! You have to keep fighting for traditional values. Go to Trump’s new website: Write to Trump.


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