Strong leadership, and aggressive leadership, unfortunately is not synonymous with the Republican party. Unlike the Democrats, when Republicans are not in power, they think it’s the “off season”. They think it’s time to kick back and watch the waves crash on the sun bleached beach and drink Margaritas. On the other hand, when the Democrats are not in power, they are raising hell, making threats, making as much noise as possible. Like impeaching the President twice, accusing him of collusion with foreign powers, as in RUSSIA.

Now that the Democrats are solidly in power at the present time, doing one radical thing after another, Republicans are in hiding. I used to have a dog that barked like the most vicious animal God ever created as long as the person was on the other side of the door. Once the person entered the house, they were instant buddies. I once said, if a burglar came into our house while we were away, he would show them where the safe was located. So, now that the Democrats have broken down the door, the Republicans are rolling over on their backs in submission. Hey Republicans, wake up, get off your asses, this is the time to fight.

Do you remember the original “orange man” John Boehner? Always wiping away the tears. What a loser. Then we got a bigger loser, Paul Ryan. If you put him and Mitt Romney in a bag and shook it up, you wouldn’t know which would come out first. Paul Ryan didn’t make any effort to hide his dislike for Trump, and by doing so, in my opinion, ruined the first two years of Trumps presidency,. Compare those two losers with Nancy Pelosi. She never stops being a crazy aggressive witch, whether she’s in power or not. You will feel her presence. She’ll be throwing bombs from her deathbed.

God help us if we get another Republican president, and Kevin McCarthy is the Speaker of the House. Kevin is another iteration of Paul Ryan. I have been watching him for awhile now, this guy is a RINO. It just came out today that he is rooming with Frank Lutz, and apparently they are best buds. As the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, the last guy you wanna be hanging with is Frank Lutz. Frank Lutz is a consultant to virtually every one of the big tech corporations, and his views are 180 degrees opposed to Republican viewpoints. The dumbass Republicans are hiring him, to tell them, what positions to take on major issues. Which by the way, are completely out of line with Republican voters. Republican politicians are living in La La Land, completely disconnected from reality.

This is precisely why Donald Trump won in 2016, people were sick and tired of the “do nothing” Republicans. Make no mistake, that feeling still persists today among Republican voters, they just don’t have a strong leader, or leaders, they can depend on. The Democrats are on path to demolish America, and nobody is fighting back. Republicans and Conservative Independents are ready to fight, we just don’t know how, or where to start. We are crying out for help to save our beloved nation. If you remember, when the Democrats couldn’t beat Trump in the legislature, they filed lawsuits all around the country, lot’s of ’em. Why aren’t the Republicans suing Biden every time he makes another dumb move? Hey!! Any of you guys awake?

Now is the time for the Republican leadership to mobilize on all levels, local, state, and national. Go to the large cities, small towns, and rally the troops. Come up with a plan for resistance to the Democrat madness. Don’t let them steal another election. Don’t let them bully the school boards. Support the local Police Departments. There are countless things we can do, but we are in serious need of organized leadership. Don’t let the “woke” crowd shout us down, and defeat us.

For instance, Portland and Seattle, beautiful Pacific Northwest cities, are under siege by Antifa and BLM. The business owners in these towns are crying out for the nonsense to stop. If the business owners and police had reinforcements, and solid plans to combat the opposition, they could win. The Democrats are allowing these thugs to run “willy nilley” and turn the cities into chaotic nightmares. When these thugs start facing real opposition, and it’s no longer easy to intimidate the Mayors and City Councils, they will scale back and go away. It starts with strong Police presence and prosecutors that respect the law. The citizens need to call for the Soros backed prosecutors to be recalled, and thrown out of office. It can be done with strong leadership. It will never end if everyone is complacent.

I’m hearing Republicans saying, “We will win back the house in 2022, after the Democrats screw everything up”. Ok, then what. You guys have a pathetic track record for doing anything after scoring a win. If the Republicans do win back the house, I wouldn’t get too excited about any major changes. Especially if Frank Lutz’s buddy is still in charge. By the way, the Republicans could have headed off the big tech power grab years ago, but they enjoyed the lobbyist money, and did nothing. Sorry, a bunch of losers. Senator Lee from Utah, one of the biggest.


By the way, I wouldn’t expect too much to change in the FBI, Chris Wray is still in charge. He should have been dumped with the other losers.


  1. Comparing Republicans to your barking dog was great. Frank Lutz is in the same ballpark with Cavuto and Carl Rove. They don’t like Trump, never did, and can’t be trusted. Lutz said, “Focus groups don’t like Trump’s harsh comments.” Better than Biden’s lies. Not so sure we take back the House in 2022. If that’s what we’re banking on, we’re in trouble. They cheat.


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