Click on the link below, and watch as Biden forgets the name of his Secretary of Defense.

I totally respect the office of the President. The office deserves respect for a thousand different reasons. However, we seem to running short of men that can fill the shoes of great presidents of the past. The flowery speeches, and smooth talking silver tongued devils, don’t always mean a person is going to be a good president. They may sound great, but it’s all action when you sit behind the biggest desk in the world.

In my mind, the job description is pretty simple and straight forward, President of the United States. Does that title not suggest, that the person occupying the White House has one job, looking after the citizens of the United States of America? Donald J. Trump totally understood it. Foreign policy must be conducted with the well being of American workers and businesses in mind. Why would you create policies that benefit foreign countries and businesses over your own?

If a president is going to be successful, he has to conduct himself in a manor that earns him respect from not only citizens of the USA, but around the world, including world leaders. The president must project strength, and a firm commitment to American principles and ideology. Most importantly, he must be of strong body and mind. An aging person, frail in body and mind is unacceptable. Why do you think Vladimir Putin does photo shoots shirtless, in the snow, and riding horses, and doing other outdoor activities? He is projecting strength and vitality.


  • Must be healthy of body, with a good medical record.
  • Must be of sound mind, with no previous brain disorders
  • Must have a record of rational behavior in past endeavors, political or business.
  • If coming from a business background, did the person make sound decisions.
  • Must be able to speak coherently, and have good communication skills.
  • A married person with children, that has had a long lasting marriage is desirable.
  • A person of strong moral character.
  • A person of religious faith indicates compassion for fellow human beings.
  • A strong patriot, that loves this country and what it stands for.
  • A person that wants every American to have the best life possible.
  • A person that puts American citizens before his/her political party.
  • A person that promotes cohesiveness among all people of all colors, all religions.
  • A person that eliminates racial and political discussions in K-12 public schools.
  • Must be a skilled negotiator on all levels.
  • Must be able to resist the Neocon war hawks, and stop useless wars.
  • Must be able to secure our borders and gain control of illegal immigration.
  • De-politicize the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and Pentagon.
  • Establish term limits in Congress.
  • Reinforce the first and second amendments, plus others.
  • Full transparency of all government activities not related to national security.

The ” chicken in every pot ” politicians are very rare today. Politicians today are looking to fill their pots with gold, and their constituents are on their own. While I was taking my afternoon break today, I was reviewing in my mind, what I have seen and read in the news lately. It suddenly became quite clear, that this country is pretty much out of control with no one at the wheel. It’s like a runaway train careening down the tracks at full speed, destined for one hell of a wreck. The head of Homeland Security has no freaking idea what he is doing. He’s staring a disaster in the eye at the Mexican border, without a clue how to fix it. The Secretary of Defense is ravaging the military. Biden is staffing the DOJ with raciest radicals. I’m getting the feeling that staffers are running amok, and Joe is mentally AWOL. Gasoline prices are on the rise, steel prices are going through the roof, and lumber is following steel through the hole. Biden is raising taxes on virtually everyone and everything. This is alarming, it’s looking like the beginning of inflation. I’m getting the feeling that my disposable income is about to be seriously compromised. Sort of reminds me of the old Jimma Carter days.

On the brighter side, my new back yard deck will be finished tomorrow, and I’m going to sit my old self down and have a shot of Jack Daniels, Tennessee Honey whiskey and celebrate the accomplishment, just as soon as it quits raining. ( about June 1st ) God’s Blessings to all of my readers. I leave you with some of my Father’s wisdom: ” It’s a great life, if you don’t weaken “.



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