It should be abundantly clear to you by now, that a Democrat speaking the truth ranks right up there with ‘hens teeth’ for rarity. The images of the people above are in the Hall of Shame for liars, they are just a few of many. They just happen to be some the most prominent, and well known.

Women’s rights, respect for women, believe all women, women deserve equal wages for equal work, on and on. That’s election time diatribe, Democrats don’t really believe that. Time and time again, when women are victimized by Democrat men in the real world, the crusaders for women’s rights are no where to be found. Oh sure, once in while they will speak up, but when a guy has been a loyal Democrat soldier, such as Andrew Cuomo, and someone that wields a lot of power, not so much. The wacky old witch Pelosi, has played the ‘woman card’ hundreds if not thousands of times, but she’s reluctant to speak out when it comes to Cuomo. Could it be she’s more loyal to her Italian heritage than her fellow women? Just sayin’. I almost forgot about good old Keith Ellison, attorney general for Minnesota. His ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan, produced photos of herself after being attacked by Mr. Ellison, during a domestic dispute. Democrat crusaders for women’s rights obviously didn’t believe her. Hmmm.

How many times have you heard the Democrats preaching to us about compassion for all. Well obviously, they never told us there was an age limit on compassion. You’re only eligible to receive compassion from the Democrats up to somewhere around 75 years of age. When you’re in a nursing home, you’ve exceeded that compassion redline, and they pretty much see you as worthless, and dispensable. Virtually all of the large numbers of nursing home deaths occurred in the blue states, under Democrat governors. So, the next time you hear a Democrat talking about compassion for your fellow man, chalk it up to DBS.

Now for another view of the Democrat’s perspective on old folks, just consider the Cuomo affair unfolding before our eyes. No one is actually sure about the real number of nursing home deaths caused by the gross incompetence of Cuomo’s actions. The estimates are somewhere around 12 to 15,000 seniors that perished. We don’t know for sure, because again, the Democrats are lying through their teeth. What is more disturbing, is that the focus is more on his abuse of eight women, than the mass murder of thousands of senior citizens. Yes, considering the circumstances, murder is the appropriate term. You should remember this when the Dems are telling you how great a government ran health system will be. You can be sure, looking at their track record, after a certain age, you will be denied expensive medical procedures based on economic viability. They will send you home to die baby, you can count on it.

There are some real questions beginning to surface concerning the Wuhan virus AKA Covid-19. American observers noted that China was experimenting with coronavirus strains found in bats several years ago. Those observers reported that the Chinese virologists were attempting to make them more transmissible to humans. Fast forward to last year, when a Chinese woman scientist, defected to the US, and appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, making the claim that they in fact did that, and it was somehow released into the public realm. There are others now saying this is beginning to look like it was an intentional act. By the way, I have not read, or heard anything further, regarding the female Chinese scientist. Have you noticed the total lack of curiosity among American scientists regarding the Covid virus? I have said this before, and will continue to say it. The release of the virus onto the world, was done at precisely the right time, to benefit China, the Democrats, and powerful multi-national Corporations. After seeing what these people are capable of, over the past year, I wouldn’t put anything out of bounds as far as the Democrats are concerned. They’re as close to pure evil as you’re going to get on this earth.

Are you totally sick of hearing about race? This is the “go to” excuse for Democrats to explain anything that’s not working. The Democrats have successfully convinced black America, and all other people of color, that every problem they have is because of white folk. Actually that may be true if you stop and analyze it. White folks have dumbed down school curriculums to make it easier for blacks and other minorities to get into colleges and universities. White folks created affirmative action programs so blacks and minorities could get into business as contractors, and gave them an edge by making requirements, that projects with government funding had to have a certain percentage of minority contractors. Everyone is aware of the power plays by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, that strong armed large corporations to hire a certain percentage of blacks. I could go on for hours about how white folks have created all sorts of programs to help minorities.

In spite of all of the efforts to help black Americans succeed, black Americans have resisted and held onto their culture, which in itself holds them back. Black culture is not compatible with mainstream life style. Black culture is steeped in violence and anti social behavior. Blacks are far more likely to commit violent crimes than any other race. Black on black crime is rampant. Studies pretty much conclude that all of the advantages given to blacks and minorities, have not been hugely successful. They’re sending a message to blacks that they aren’t smart enough to compete in the labor market. They can’t make it without help from the white folks. So when they in fact don’t succeed, it must be the white man’s fault. These programs breed contempt, they keep sending the message to blacks that they are somehow inferior to whites and Asians.

You may be asking what do the last two paragraphs have to do with lies and gaslighting? The answer is everything. These are programs designed by Democrats to make Blacks and minorities dependent on government, by convincing they aren’t capable of taking care of themselves without the help of big government. Those lies have created a Democrat voting block of brainwashed people, that think they can’t exist without the Democrats. In reality, the Democrats don’t make the lives of these people better, they make their lives worse. Democrats envision a world where they have total control. Pay very close attention to the moves they are making right now in D.C.

Good ol’ Gavin made a statement today that the recall effort is being driven by race. White supremists and some obscure militia group. No Gavin, 55% of Californians think you’re an idiot.

Nancy and Chuck said yesterday that the mess on the southern border is Trump’s fault. They are claiming he dismantled the system and facilities, thus making it impossible to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants. That is the perfect example of this entire blog. It is a lie of epic proportions.

Good old Erick Swallwell, is one of the most highly skilled liars on the hill. He stood in the Capital building and swore that he had seen hard evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Now we know that while he was saying that, he was banging Fang Fang, the Chinese spy. So, how much classified information did Fang Fang extract from Swalwell during their sexcapade. Rest assured you will never know, he continues to remain under the protection of Nutty Nancy. He does whatever she says, as long as he wants to keep his position.

Harry and Meghan, two rich highly privileged individuals, sit down with Oprah, another highly privileged person, and lie about being victims of racial discrimination by the Royal Family. What is ironic, when you examine the interview, you will notice that it very subtly promotes the projects of both parties. Harpo, Oprah’s company received 7-9 million from CBS for the interview rights. Harry and Meghan received millions in free advertising for their Archwell Foundation. So, lying can be profitable.

The Democrats, and the mainstream media have officially merged to create the largest propaganda machine this side of Beijing. Moscow was once the premier propaganda center, but China and Washington D.C. have far outpaced the Russians in recent years. As a matter of fact, you can’t see a lot of difference in the Democrat party and Chinese Communist Party these days. I will use one of my phrases my wife finds highly amusing, “they’re the same, only different.”

Stay alert my friends, the Democrats are attempting to remake America into something you will not be happy with. You’re about to have your disposable income reduced by a significant amount by higher taxes and inflation. Yes, it is indeed true, elections have consequences, as Barrack Hussein Obama once said. Don’t blame me, I voted for the orange man.



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