The answer of course is no, your life is vastly different today. Your constitutional rights have been stripped away from you by ruthless, power hungry polilticians, with a very sinister motive. This power play has so many moving parts, I will likely not be able to cover them all. The reason your life is so different today, is not by accident, it is by design by some very dishonest people. I saw a graph today, on the Tucker Carlson show, that is probably the moment in time, when this whole charade started. The point in time, was September 17, 2011, precisely the period of time when the “Occupy Wall Street” movement took place. The explosion of racial issues happened virtually out of nowhere, during this protest. Occupy Wall Street was a protest against wealth inequality, corporate influence in government, and political corruption. It is now clear to political observers, that this explosion of racial issues was a distraction, to keep you from seeing what was actually going on. It worked, the massive unrelenting racial diatribe today, is a smokescreen to keep you distracted while they strip you of your freedoms.

Politicians have been bought and paid for by big corporations for decades. So you shouldn’t be surprised when huge mulitnational corporations become a shadow government. This is exactly what is happening before your eyes. Censorship has always been taboo in our form of government, suddenly, it is being practiced openly, and our elected representitives seem to think it’s fine. Some congressmen saying it should be more severe. The reason is simple, you can silence your politcal opponents, and dissenters. Were you not shocked by the persecution of Donald Trump supporters, who were jailed on totally false charges. Were you unable to see how they abused the law to punish General Michael Flynn for supporting Trump? This should be a wake up call, it could happen to you for a social media post that offends one of these maniacs. They recently arrested a young man for posting memes on FaceBook, charging him for breaking a law that is a half a world away from even being relevant. It pissed off the wrong person, and they went after him with a vengence.

Donald Trump ran on the platform of fighting the corruption, and the influence of big money. He struck a chord with a huge segment of the population, that was sick of it as well. But, we have now seen with our own eyes, the tremendous power that the big corporations wield. The corrupt Democrat political machine is very happy to partner with the corporate oligarchs. They are looking to become the dominant political party into infinity, and they see the big corporate dollars as their ticket to reach this goal. When there are unlimited funds to influence elections, and buy off election officials, how do you think it’s going to end?

Do you actually think the Corona Virus just happened out of nowhere? Do you think it was pure coincidence that it happened just prior to the presidential election? I think not. Now we know that the National Institute of Health has been funding the Wuhan Lab for several years, doing research on corona viruses in bats. Now you can call me paranoid, a conspiracy nut, whatever. At this point in time I’m not trusting too many folks. Especially folks that have a thirst for unadulterated power. Who had more to gain than China, and the Democrat party? Trump was killing the Chinese market dominance, and the Democrats knew they could never win against Trump’s roaring economy.

During the Trump administration, the middle class was making a comeback. Not a good thing for the Democrats. The middle class are innovative entrepreneurs, they tend to be patriotic Americans, and tend to be center right. Middle class folks don’t look kindly on government welfare and handouts to people that simply lay about, unwilling to work. They think people should pay their own way. In other words, they are too independent for the leftist folks, who would like for you to depend on the government for everything. What an opportunity for the Democrats, Covid was the magic bullet to bring down the middle class business owners, and make them dependent on stimulus money. In one year, they literally broke the backs of small business owners all across the US. When small business owners fought back, trying to earn a living for their families, they were arrested, and/or fined. It was an assault on our Constitutional Rights like no one has ever seen before. Where was the Justice Department? Bill Barr boasted he was going to go after politician abusing their power. Hmmm, ol’ Bill had his wings clipped by someone. Could it be ol’ Bill has some stuff in his past that he wants to keep hidden?

Then the Democrat propaganda machine went into action, scaring the living hell out of people, touting huge death stats. Keeping people locked in their homes, making them wear facial coverings wherever they went. Not even allowing people to exercise outdoors or take their children to parks. All of this was the precursor to convincing people is was too dangerous to vote in person, so mail in voting was the only safe alternative. Never mind these same people are standing in lines at Safeway, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and other big box stores, that just happen to be huge Democrat donors. Then election day came, what a gigantic display of corruption.

The saddest thing about the events that I just laid out for you, is that nobody with any authority, raised a finger to question any of it. Nobody was there to stand up for your freedoms. Nobody was their to save your businesses. Nobody was there to tell the local police, to stop harassing you, for walking in the park with your child. Where were the Republicans that are supposed to stand against oppression? Where was the American Civil Liberties Union? ( biggest joke on the planet ) Where was the National Rifle Association that takes your money and vows to fight for your freedoms? Why didn’t the FBI investigate voter fraud? Why didn’t the SCOTUS hear the cases brought by Texas and others? Nobody was up for the fight. Do you remember the old saying, “It’s you and me against the world”? That pretty much sums it up.

So, where is this all going to end? A very good predictor, is always history. Take the time to read the history of the German economy from the 1920’s through the 1930’s, and how closely the events parallel what is happening in our nation today. Our economy will likely end up the same way. The wanton printing of money with nothing to back it up never ends well. Lot’s of examples throughout history, they all ended the same way. It’s breaks my heart to think of the future our Grandchildren may face. Life in the good ol’ USA may be very different in ten years.



  1. “The saddest thing about the events that I just laid out for you, is that nobody with any authority, raised a finger to question any of it.” Except for Trump so they had to get rid of him. I’m so disappointed in SCOTUS, DOJ,FBI, and CIA. They used be our heroes, at least in movies. No longer. ACLU is a joke. So is NOW.

    Did Occupy Wall Street start right after Benghazi? Was it a smokescreen? Antifa’s the new OWS.


  2. There are growing pockets of resistance. Large class action lawsuit in L.A. to protect restaurant owners who are re-opening their businesses. I don’t think Gov. Nuisance will fight back, he’s not in a good position to do so. We’ll see.


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