MARCH 2, 2021 VOLUME 12

I’m still engrossed in undoing the damage done by the ice storm a couple of weeks ago. The ornamental shrubs around the yard took a beating. Took out about five or six, and now the job of re-landscaping the front and rear yards begins, which means I need to replenish my supply of Tylenol for sore muscles. I’m not disturbed, it’s forcing me to do something that is long overdue. Like all things, time seems to be unkind to yards, and a makeover was long overdue. It just seriously cuts into my time for doing fun stuff, like creating this blog, which I thoroughly enjoy. So, the frequency of my blogs will suffer for awhile, but stay tuned, I’m paying close attention to the dumbass in the White House.


This is another example of how bad decisions have bad consequences. The decision by the Biden administration to take a stance on immigration, that would cause a surge of illegal crossings ended up taking at least 13 lives today. It is reported that about 25 people were stacked on top of each other inside the SUV pictured above. This is only the beginning, of a nightmare that is going to go on, for years to come. More illegal immigrants will lose their lives in the future in all sorts of ways. The impact on lower wage folks already in the US will be devastating. An unmitigated number of low wage, uneducated workers, will not be good for black Americans. It will not be good for the economy as a whole. When a reporter asked Biden today if he was briefed on the incident, he said yes. The reporter then asked what did you learn? Biden responded “a lot”, as he and his staff quickly left the room. Biden is clearly being used as prop by the staff. He answers no questions, offers no information on policy, when he does speak, he often drifts off into some sort of alternate mental universe. We are being governed by some sort of behind the scenes committee. Some say Biden’s strings are being pulled by his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain. Klain is a long time Democrat operative, lawyer, and knows his way around the white house, having worked under Obama/Biden previously. To make the assumption that Klain is likely behind most of Biden’s decisions and actions, is very likely, and very frightening.

SERIOUS DISCONNECT: Catholic bishops are cautioning followers against using Johnson & Johnson covid 19 vaccine, citing it was developed using aborted fetal cells. The vaccines do not contain any fetal tissue. The cell line HEK-293 was cloned from a fetus aborted in the early 1970’s. Moderna and Pfizer, also have connections to aborted fetal tissue, although very remotely. I’m certainly no fan of abortion, I strongly feel it’s nothing more than premeditated murder. However, we are talking about cloned cells, from an abortion that took place over fifty years ago. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of these vaccines, but if millions of lives are saved by this research and development, it seems to me, the aborted child did not die in vain after all. Abortion is a horrible and inhumane practice, and is widely supported by Democrats, including our current President ( a practicing Catholic ) and his administration. I personally know a lot of Democrats that are followers of the Catholic faith, and never met one that was not pro choice. In my opinion, that is a serious disconnect.


There are no suitable words to describe this fool. He has been the governor of New York State since 2011. He clearly thinks he is some sort of omnipotent being. Exalted above all others, able to act on his whims, without any consideration of laws or protocol. I have been writing about what an idiot he is for years, and he keeps getting elected. People clearly get what they deserve. Well, it looks like his reign is about to come to an end, and not a minute too soon. He is an arrogant, pompous ass. He actually makes De Blasio look good. ( I can’t believe I just wrote that ) He needs to face criminal charges, for the deaths of thousands of senior citizens, that died in nursing homes, because of his utter stupidity and arrogance. Nothing more than another useless POS Democrat.

Stay strong my fellow conservatives, there are glimmers of hope starting to appear all around us. The Democrats are starting to lose their grip as people everywhere are starting to fight back. Be one of those fighters. Take back our freedoms and rights.


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