We have been through an amazing one and a half weeks since my last blog. We had the worst ice storm in over forty years here in the Pacific Northwest where trees are super sized. When they fall over, they break a lot of stuff. One of the things these trees love to break are power lines. We were in the dark for over 80 straight hours. What this means, is that you immediately go into survival mode. We have two refrigerators, one in the house, and one in the garage. We had just stocked them full of food a few days before the storm, so the trusty generator went into service to keep things frozen and cold. We are one of the lucky ones, we have a gas fireplace in the family room, so it kept the house at a livable temperature of about 63 degrees plus or minus. What was going on around us was nothing less than terrifying. The ice stayed on the trees for days, and it kept raining, adding more ice to what had already fallen. So trees just couldn’t take any more and started dropping huge limbs, or just toppling over from the weight of the ice. We stood on our front porch late Saturday night, and you could hear limbs cracking, and trees falling all around us. We were fortunate, our house was only slightly damaged ( bent gutter ) from a falling limb from the big maple in our front yard. The one thing I didn’t expect was the run on the gas stations to fill up gas cans and passenger cars. Gas stations were running out of gas everywhere, and the lines were up to a block long at the gas stations that had gas. But we made it through pretty well in spite of mother natures assault on our lives.

This whole incident highlighted once again the foolishness of politicians pushing this disasterous green agenda. If we didn’t have a balanced power home, one with natural gas, it would have been absolutely miserable. Older people that don’t have someone to help them, can actually freeze to death in their homes when the power fails. All electric homes in cold climate areas are a very bad idea. Texas found out the hard way, that dependency on renewable energy sources can be very dangerous when not kept in balance with fossil fuels.


In the eighties when Rush first began his talk show, I was an eight to five guy, and was not able to listen to talk radio. My late wife discovered Rush and started telling me about him. I came home from work one day and she said she had tickets to see him in person, at University of California, Irvine. That night I became a life long fan of Rush. He was one of a kind. Nobody has been able to capture his style, or match his dominance of talk radio. One of the wonderful things Rush accomplished, that we will all benefit from for years to come, is the industry he single handedly created, which is conservative talk radio. His success has spawned more great conservative talk show hosts across the nation. We will be forever grateful for his energy and foresight. Rest in Peace, great warrior.


No city, other than Chicago, exemplifies our current social problems in a more glaring fashion. The policies of the current administration are only going to make the situation worse not better. I will be looking at these very dangerous policies in the weeks to come, and where I think the Democrats are headed. They are taking us down a very dangerous path for sure. It’s good to be back on the keyboard after almost two weeks. Things in our house are just returning to normal, so I didn’t have a lot of time for research. Thanks for visiting and reading my rants. I promise a more entertaining blog in a few days. God Bless all of you. Stay safe, and seek the truth in all things, always.




  1. Missed your snapshots. Sorry to hear about your ice storm troubles. Can’t imagine being in that situation. Glad it’s over. Sounds scary. It does prove we need lots of gasoline. And how can you charge your battery cars when the power’s out?


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