The House Democrats now find themselves in a dilemma. It has been revealed that the Capitol break-in was planned long before Donald Trump gave his speech last Wednesday. Those that planned it, are not Trump supporters, just plain old everyday anarchists. So, is “nutty Nancy” going to keep pressing on? Who knows. What do you say Turtle head?

It gets even more interesting. The FBI and the NYPD, had advance warning of the planned break-in. The House and Senate security details were also informed. The Capitol police were informed. Seems the only one that was totally unaware to what was about to happen was President Trump. When all of the details are finally known, it won’t bear any resemblance at all to the claims that it was incited by President Trumps address. More lies by the most accomplished liars on the planet, the Democrats.


Holy smoke, have you seen the steel barriers, high fencing with razor wire around the Capitol in preparation for the inauguration? I don’t get it. Democrats have been telling us for years that walls don’t work. Don’t kid yourselves, this is just a show, signaling that those badass white supremacists are out there, and they have to erect these massive fences to keep them out. No telling what they may do, there’s literally thousands of them hiding behind every tree and rock. What makes them really dangerous is they all look alike. They used to be easy to spot, when the bad guys wore mullets and drove Trans Ams.

Don Lemon, a commentator on CNN says that Trump voters are Klansmen and Nazis. I find it a little hard to take this guy seriously. He bad mouths white guys, and his boyfriend is a white guy. Then a young off duty bartender named Dustin Hice sued Lemon, claiming that Lemon walked up to him and put his hand in his pants, ( his own ) rubbed his genitals, then shoved his fingers in Hice’s mustache. Lemon then asked Hice, do you like pussy or dick? Then left the bar. It’s still unclear which attribute Lemon possesses.

It is becoming increasingly clear the Democrats have a plan for total control of the House. Republicans are not allowed to have a dissenting position. If they dare engage in debates there is an immediate call for them to be expelled from congress. Madison Cawthorn from North Carolina, said some bad things on his Twitter feed last week during the capital riots. Mr. Cawthorn told a rally of young people to call their representatives and and “lightly threaten them” and tell them they are “coming after them”. Sorta like Maxine Waters did, telling people to accost Republicans wherever they see them, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Democrats have been stoking violence for a long time now, but it’s just not the same when a Republican does it, especially a white guy.

A huge document drop occurred on the infamous Russian hoax that plagued the President for three long years, and, just as expected, it was all a sham. The FBI was in it up to their necks, in an effort to protect Hillary, deflecting attention from the email debacle, to help her in her bid for the White House. Of course all of this is a little late to help the Prez, but make no mistake, nobody is really interested in helping the Prez. Trump was hell bent on eradicating the swamp creatures, but in the end, the swamp creatures won. Pretty much a one man army against the corrupt hordes. Give the man credit, he was able to expose the dark and smelly underbelly of our government. Who knows, his courageous efforts could pay big dividends in the future.

We need to help an old friend, the NRA. The once thriving bastion for protecting the second amendment has been under fire in the State of New York for years, and it has taken a toll. The NRA has filed for Bankruptcy protection, and is moving to Texas to re-incorporate, to escape the toxic political environment of New York. The NRA, has numerous organizations, attempting to destroy it. Letitia James, New York’s attorney general has vowed to keep fighting to destroy the NRA once and for all. Wayne La Pierre said that NRA members will continue to enjoy full membership benefits, and operate as usual during this crisis. If you’ve let your membership lapse as I have for several years, it is important now, more than ever before, to reup your membership. We need to fight the forces that want to disarm us.


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