Nothing could make me happier than to once again disavow any connection to the Republican Party. I am a registered Independent, die hard Conservative. Which means that even though I am not a Republican, I haven’t voted for a Democrat since John F. Kennedy. Looking back on JFK’s time in office, I’m certainly not proud of that.

This week is the perfect example of why I don’t associate myself with Republicans, they’re idiots. If anyone has read my blog for any appreciable amount of time this won’t be a surprise. For the life of me, I can’t figure out, how these losers think. Out of the House of Representatives, there may be 20 or so Republicans that are willing to fight hard for our conservative cause, and take the heat.

I would like for someone to explain this to me; Donald Trump was without doubt, the strongest Republican President since Ronald Reagan. His accomplishments were amazing, both at home and in foreign policy. Not a single president in history has been more successful in the middle east. He reigned in China’s theft of intellectual data, and leveled the playing field in trade, something no other president has even attempted. The economy was soaring before Covid-19 hit our shores. He even managed to rally the pharmaceutical companies to produce a vaccine in record time through the program ” Warp Speed”. He built the wall along our southern border and reigned in illegal immigration, just as he promised he would do. Have you ever seen a politician in your lifetime keep a promise? So, my question is this; When you have such a strong robust leader, that 75 million people will follow to the ends of the earth, why in the world do you abandon him, rather than put your full weight behind him? By not standing behind this brilliant leader, you ended up with an old has been crook, with the onset of dementia, and a vice president that even the Democrats rejected.

Another reason I can’t stand these spineless Republicans, is that we are at this point, where the huge social media companies are literally more powerful than the Federal Government, because the Republicans couldn’t resist the money being doled out by big tech. Even your local barber could tell you these people were becoming a dangerous threat to our democracy. For those of you that are old enough to remember, the government broke up Bell Telephone for the very same reason. They were in total control of all communications. You paid to use the Bell system, at a rate Bell Telephone set, you had no other choices, and believe me, they billed you for everything. But, I wouldn’t get too excited about the Democrats busting up big tech, they like being able to keep you quiet.

Why the hell is Karl Rove still around? He needs to take his white board and go back to wherever it is that he comes from. He’s making judgement of how Donald Trump handled the Capitol Break-in, when he has no idea what he’s talking about. He accused Trump of not running out on the Capitol lawn, into the crowds, and telling them to stand down. That in itself tells you how stupid this man is. Then said that even after that, Trump did not condemn the violence. How far do you have your head up your ass Karl? I heard the President condemn the actions and promise to prosecute the trespassers. Make no mistake about good ol’ Karl. He’s just trying to let everyone know, he’s on the right side of things so he doesn’t get cancelled, and lose out on those cushy consulting fees.

Liz Cheney is the offspring of another old swamp rat, from the old Republican Establishment. She is just as vile as her Father. She is a certified Trump hater as well. She is right on the front lines calling for Trump’s impeachment. She probably had a long talk with Dad and made that monumental decision. Don’t ever trust anyone, even their offspring, that is willing to stage a hunting accident and shoot someone accidentally on purpose. It’s been rumored that Cheney was not particularly fond of Whittington. Cheney said they were friends. Whittington later said they only knew each other casually. Whatever the truth is, it left a lot to speculation, and a lot of folks did indeed speculate.

While we are the subject of swamp rats, good ol’ Mitch McConnell has to be addressed. Can anyone tell me exactly whose side he’s on? While the Georgia elections were going on, my wife said to me, ” Mitch McConnell is not going to give Americans the stimulus money”. I told her ” he doesn’t have a choice, if he balks, the Republicans will lose Georgia”. While that may not be the only reason the Republicans lost, I would put it is the top three reasons. Today, ol’ turtle head, says that he is furious with Trump and his movement. I think you can interpret that, as Mitch thinking he is somehow superior to Trump and his movement. Tucker Carlson said last week, that the Republican hierarchy despises their constituents, this may be the glaring proof. I’ve never been impressed with the old dweeb, I really don’t think there’s much difference between him and Schumer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were fishing buddies.

Andy Ngo, a conservative writer and independent reporter was nearly killed last year in Portland by ANTIFA thugs, while covering one of their riots. Andy has written a book called “Unmasked: Inside ANTIFA’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy”. He has spent several years following and chronicling ANTIFA’s activities. New York Times writer Sarah Jeong, said today that Andy Ngo, is the real threat, and should be banned from Twitter. The left is desperately trying to kill this book. Support Andy, he is a true patriot. You can buy his book online at Powell Books of Portland, Oregon.



  1. Well said. The way they have turned on Trump and voted for the 25th Amendment shocked me. And the way some in his cabinet are quitting in the last week leads me to believe something is going on behind the scenes that we are not aware of. Or like what you are getting emails on (I got one yesterday). Another impeachment is just the Establishment Republicans’ (that never wanted to accept him like Rove) way of staining his legacy. They want to remove any remaining power he has after he’s left office. This whole thing was a set up.


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