Every day, gets a little crazier. The Democrats and their media minions are sounding more and more deranged. Katie Couric has always allowed her leftist bias to be seen ever so slightly, sort of like a strip tease artist. But wow, she dropped her laundry to the floor and let it all hang out on Bill Maher. But if you’re familiar with sweet lil’ Katie, what you saw was exactly what you would expect, and it wasn’t worth the price of admission. She, like a lot of the crazies on the left are calling Trump supporters a cult following, and suggesting they need to be corralled and put into re-education programs. We need to eradicate Trump and his wacko ideas of America First, is what they are saying. Katie is so caught up in the leftist propaganda, she is advocating concentration camps, and interning innocent people for their political beliefs. A few years ago, making such a statement would have gotten you on the “do not contact” list. It is now the rally cry of the left, and that my friends is on the “very scary” side, if it is not reigned in.

Joe Biden has always had a problem with shooting off his mouth. Well, that can have some unintended consequences as he is about to find out. His immigration rhetoric during the campaign was heard loud and clear by our southern neighbors, and they took as “come on in” amigos. Biden is saying, wait a minute, not so fast, but the migrant reps are saying he needs to honor his words. I think it’s pretty clear even to a casual observer that Biden is in over his head on immigration, and has no idea what the hell he is doing. I suspect this scenario will play out in many other arenas as well, especially his foreign policies. He has already indicated he is ready to jump back into Iran nuclear deal, and has named all of the old Obama gang to head that up. What could go wrong?

Meghan and Harry said they wanted to move to the U.S. for privacy from the ever present scrutiny associated with the Royals. Well, so much for the nonsensical B.S., they have scored over 100 million dollars in deals for production contracts, and recently purchased a 14 million dollar estate in Montecito, California. Isn’t this sort of like Hunter selling the Biden Family name? Apparently a lot of folks in the Motherland think so to, and it’s not sitting well with them.

In about 15 minutes I am going to start taking the bowel prep for tomorrow’s colonoscopy. For the next 12 to 14 hours I am going to suffer from self induced diarrhea. It will all be over tomorrow morning around 9:00 am. Unfortunately we are going to have to experience a similar situation over the next four years with this new group in the white house. I have a feeling it’s going to be every bit as unpleasant for all of us, as the next 12 hours are going to be for me personally. Joe Biden pledged today that he is going to purge white supremacy from the earth forever. If your a Caucasian as I am, that should be very worrisome for you. Hang tough my Conservative friends, it may be a rough ride for awhile. Remember the words of Winston Churchill that were never written, ” piss off you morons”. I don’t know if Winston ever said that, but I’ll bet he did, more than once. I have a British wife, I know how Brits think.



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