I think what is going on, is that there is a long line of people on both sides, that can’t wait to drive a stake through Donald Trump’s heart. We know who hates Trump and why they hate him. They hate him because he loathes the activities they engage in while pretending to be Patriots. He is not bashful about calling them out, nobody has ever done that before, and they hate him for it. Nobody owns Trump, he’s not beholden to anyone, he’s free to speak and act without fear of retribution. He poses a clear and present danger to their established reign of graft and corruption.

However, we need to put today’s activities in perspective. It’s impossible at the moment, to know who all of the players were. It is now clear that outside agitators masqueraded as Trump supporters, and incited this mayhem. Anyone that knows anything about mob mentality understands that well intentioned folks can get caught up in the moment. Obviously the greater majority, were there to merely show support for the President they love. Unfortunately, there were others that were pissed, and wanted to show it. Breaking into the Capital Building was clearly a bad idea, and it ended in tragedy for a young woman. It didn’t have to end in tragedy, someone in law enforcement became overly aggressive. That person should be prosecuted, it was uncalled for. ( A portion of this blog was written on the 6th, so I had not seen this brief clip yesterday. It appears in the very short clip that I saw today, that the woman that was murdered, being honest, was on the opposite side of a set of double doors, and the police officer shot her, while she was standing on the opposite side of the barricaded doors. In other words, the deceased woman was posing no eminent threat to the officer that shot her )

There is a very basic law in physics. That law says that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. There is also a basic law in politics. A peaceful transition of power cannot occur when the election was obviously rigged. You would have to be deaf and blind, not to see that the Democrats rigged the outcome, by filing 384 separate lawsuits to alter election laws across the entire United States. Almost all of the laws were passed without the approval of the respective State Legislators. All of this is against every states Constitution. Judges don’t make election laws, state lawmakers do.

The Democrats clearly set the stage for today’s events. First by tampering with the election laws in virtually every state, then by turning a blind eye to their supporters while they burned, and destroyed city after city, desecrating National Monuments, and causing massive destruction and mayhem. The Democrats only called them out when the polls revealed it was hurting their approval numbers. If that wasn’t bad enough, the governors in blue states locked everything down tight because of Covid, causing people to lose their businesses and life savings. Unemployment went through the roof. They turned 2020 into an unmitigated disaster. All of this was done for one reason, to make it impossible for Donald Trump to be elected for a second term. The supporters in D.C. today, are well aware of those facts, and are able to clearly see the double standards being applied.

All of those people I mentioned earlier about wanting drive a stake through Trump’s heart, they all lined up today to lay the blame on him, saying the violence was his fault, he incited it. I’m not going to go through the list, and repeat what they said, but Trump will be forever loved by his supporters regardless of what the haters say. The reason is simple, he loves America and the American people. Seventy-five million plus people voted for him to continue his presidency. Donald Trump is a true Patriot, and history will speak kindly of him, in spite of the haters. History will speak of him as a President under siege, for nefarious reasons.

If anyone with a functioning brain thinks 80 million people voted for Biden and Harris, there’s no hope for you. Neither one of these losers could make any headway in the Democrat convention. Go back and watch the Democrat debates. When Joe was speaking, all of the other candidates looked down at their podiums, nervous and embarrassed by his inability to speak coherently. Kamala didn’t make it past the first cut. Even the Democrats thought they were lame. Joe only came out of his basement a handful of times during his campaign, Kamala the same. When he held his rallies, rarely more than twenty-five folks showed up. It was one of the biggest setups ever contrived. Your assignment, if you decide to take it, is to find out who the players were behind the scenes. I’ll give you a clue where to start looking. Google, Twitter, Face Book, Wall Street, and China. There’s many more large Corporations that I haven’t named. This election was bought and paid for by Corporate America and foreign powers.

It’s going to very interesting where this country goes from here. Joe and Kamala are already hinting in their remarks today, that they will be looking for retribution. What’s the old saying, “kicking ass and taking names”? Sounds like that’s the plan to heal and unite the country. Sort of an odd approach, but what the heck, might work. Then again it might not, and things could get even nastier. My guess the latter is most likely going to happen. I don’t have anything to do but watch anyway, my favorite bars and restaurants, and lodge are closed. Keep the faith.


Borrowed from another blogger. Thanks Stately McDaniel Manor

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