First thing to realize, and I know all of you do, governments do not produce anything of value, therefore, they don’t make money. Governments spend money, lots’ of it. They have little restraint on spending, because if they need more, they raise your taxes. The geniuses that run the United States Government, have spent so much money, the taxpayers couldn’t possibly make up the deficit, so they borrow more, or print more. But make no mistake, no matter how they do it, you’re on the hook for it. If the government spending, and or mismanagement of funds plunges the nation into a recession or depression, or rampant inflation, you suffer. The idiot politicians don’t suffer, their paychecks just keep coming in the same obscene amounts. So, they need insurance policies to make sure you don’t rebel and stop paying taxes.

Their main insurance policy is income tax. Income tax is the prime example of why you should never, ever, believe a politician. The American people were told not to worry, it was only temporary. The original income tax was imposed to help pay for the civil war. It was passed as the Wilson-Gorman tariff, which was repealed about ten years later. But government’s lust for money resulted in a Constitutional Amendment, #16 to be exact, passed in July of 1909, and ratified in February of 1913, to establish a permanent income tax. Along with this new tax was a slew of new laws to make sure you didn’t renege. Basically, if you don’t pay, they are going to take everything you own, personal and real property, and auction it off to the highest bidder. They will get their money, guaranteed. State property taxes have similar laws. Bottom line is this; You will make payments on your property, as long as you live, you will never truly own it. The government owns everything. I have said this before, and it is 100% true. You are nothing but a worker bee, a drone if you will. Makes homelessness a little more attractive.

In recent years, the states have been quietly going about their business grabbing more of your freedoms. More and more jobs, that used to be held by trained technicians, now require state certifications, and licenses. You can only obtain these certifications by attending a specialized school. This is an all out assault on lower wage people, that used to be able to get on the job training, and a certificate after a couple of years, while earning a livable wage. These same people could never afford the tuition costs of technical schools. Another important factor, is that the requirements for the same occupation differs from state to state, and makes it very difficult for a worker to move to another state, because they face the cost of obtaining another license, which can be expensive. In the 1950’s only 5% of workers required licensing, that number now is about 25%, and growing. The licensing makes sense when it concerns public safety, such as health care workers, but not so much for general services. My opinion, is that increased licensing, is really nothing more than another tax and method of control. By the way, the states can seize you home and property for non payment of taxes, just the same as the Feds. It’s a double barreled shotgun folks.

Recently we have been seeing even more examples of how licensing and permits are the state’s tools for making you knuckle under. States all across our nation have been imposing strict regulations to combat the spread of the Corona Virus. Never mind that these regulations have nothing to do with science, but everything to do with a political agenda. The states have been closing down bars, restaurants, churches, and schools, while allowing large corporate stores to remain open. I finally figured out the reason for this. People that frequent bars, restaurants, schools, and lodges, know each other, and have personal conversations. People that frequent large corporate stores don’t know each other, and don’t have conversations. The more people talk, the more likely they are to act out against authority. It’s exactly the same reason social media censors speech, to protect the establishment. To get back on track, if these bad folk that own small businesses don’t comply with the lockdown orders, they simply suspend or revoke their licenses and put them out of business forever. The ability to destroy a persons life and livelihood is a powerful tool, and it’s being misused by unscrupulous politicians.

The government pretty much has it all covered. You can’t put your boat in the water unless it’s licensed. Ok, your boats licensed, but forget fishing unless you have a license. How about if you have a desire to go hunting? Not without a hunting license, and these can be expensive. If you’re going into a remote area you may want to take an ATV, but you better have an off road license on that bugger. What the heck, I don’t wanna hunt or fish, just ride my dirt bike. Not unless you have an off road license. Don’t even think about flying an aircraft, that’s serious stuff. How about if I fly my drone, nope, not without an FAA license for unmanned aircraft. How about if I take video with my drone to make some extra money? If you do that, you have to have the same license required to fly an normal aircraft. That’s not an easy test to pass. What the hell, I’ll just take a walk with my dog. Is your dog licensed? If not they can take your dog to the pound until you pay up. I heard HAM radio was fun, but it’s rife with regulations and requires a serious test to acquire a radio operators license. Recently, I believe last summer, the city shut down a kid’s lemonade stand for not having the proper license. That didn’t end well for the city. Probably the easiest government agency to get in trouble with is OSHA. They have more regulations than you can imagine, and the fines they levy are horrendous. One serious OSHA fine can bankrupt a small company. This is probably the “sledge hammer” in the states arsenal of weapons against you. Maybe they should change that verse in the National Anthem to say, “the land of the fees, and home of the brave”.

I’m thinking this whole freedom thing is largely overstated. I think if you start enumerating your real honest to goodness freedoms, and if you’re honest with yourself, you will become a little depressed. You’re not nearly as free as you’ve been lead to believe. The United States Government, and your State and Local governments, are working against you every single day, to regulate and restrict your freedoms even more. The big road blocks are the First and Second Amendments. You will see an assault on these rights, like never before with the new administration. Now that they have complete control of all the levers of power, it may come down to mass civil unrest to preserve what little freedoms we have left.


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