Starting off this edition with a news flashback from a little over a year ago. An incident happened in Ames, Iowa regarding Adolfo Martinez. He pulled a gay pride flag from the front of a church, and destroyed it. He destroyed the flag by burning it. He was charged with third degree arson in violation of individual rights, hate crime, third degree harassment, and reckless use of fire as a habitual offender. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison. Fast forward to yesterday in the District of Columbia. Proud Boys leader was arrested for returning to D.C. to participate in the January 6, protests. Tarrio was arrested when he pulled a Black Lives Matter banner from a church last December and burned it. The judge released Enrique Tarrio on his own recognizance, but ordered him to stay out of the nation’s capital until his court date on June 8, of this year. So, interpreting what is going on here; you can pull American Flags down from wherever you find them, private property, public property, out of peoples hands, urinate on them in public, set them on fire, along with two or three patrol cruisers, injure innocent bystanders, no problem, it’s your First Amendment rights. Just don’t touch, or in any way desecrate, a flag or banner, connected to any left wing group, or your ass is going to the slammer. You go that, you right wing pig?

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: Says “as an immigrant, as an American, as a Republican, it is my duty to speak up”. The Terminator wants the GOP to reject the “stupid, and evil” election challenge. Firstly Arnold, your the perfect example of how we got to this place. You’re a sorry excuse for a Republican. Contesting elections is American as Apple Pie. As a two term California Governor, you didn’t do diddly squat to change the trajectory the the Golden State in it’s downward spiral. You may have an impressive physique, I have enjoyed your movies, you made a great looking kid with your live in house keeper, other than that, can’t say I’m too impressed. Can’t really think of any reason why anyone would care what the hell you think.

Berlin’s Terri Nunn apologizes for doing the Mar-a-Lago show for New Year celebration. Does anyone know who this person is? Does anyone care? The group’s cofounder David Diamond, whoever he is, was quick to note that her performance was a solo and had nothing to do with the group. Good ol’ David is trying to cover his ass, so the cancel culture piranhas’ won’t come after him, and destroy the group. That would be one hell of a loss, kinda like losing Milli Vanilli. It could cause a stock market crash. ( or something )

Former Defense Secretaries call for peaceful transition of power. After the way these people have treated Donald Trump and his family, I don’t blame him for making those bastards sweat, right down to the last minute. As a matter of fact, I think it would be great if he fitted one of those fire fighting water dumpers on Marine One, and as he left the White House, do a water drop on the inauguration. Give ’em hell Donald.

I’ll leave you with a couple of thoughts that went through my warped brain today. While shopping I saw a 300 lb. woman in sweats, and a knit stocking cap, standing in front of a makeup counter. I couldn’t help but think, any amount this woman spends is going to be utterly wasteful. Later, I saw a man of approximately the same size trying on athletic shoes. I thought to myself, if those aren’t memory foam, that’s going to be a one shot deal.

Folks, don’t let the elections tonight get you down. This nation has been around for close to 250 years, and has survived some of the worst presidents, and the most lame congresses you could ever imagine. The Republic has survived them all. I have faith the Founding Fathers built the foundation strong enough to weather the storm. We just need to stay strong, and willing to fight the battle to preserve our great Nation. My Nephew and his friends are headed to Washington D.C. right now to join the protests. Put you trust in our young men and women that they will rise to the occasion. God Bless you and yours.


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