I am a very staunch conservative. My buddy jokingly, calls me a radicalized Republican. Actually, I became so fed up with “do nothing” Republicans, I became an independent. Not sure that really accomplished much, other than making me feel better about myself, not being associated with a bunch of lame politicians.

I don’t want to offend my conservative readers, but I think it’s a healthy practice, to be able to look at yourself and those you associate with, with an analytical eye. If you have read my blog for very long, you have heard me rail on Republicans pretty hard from time to time. That’ exactly what I plan on doing this evening, so now is your chance to change the channel.

Having spent a good many hours of my life traveling at break neck speeds on two wheel motorized vehicles, I tend to constantly scan the roadway like a radar beam while driving my car. People that have never ridden motorcycles, quite often have accidents that could have been prevented, had they been paying more attention to their surroundings. They tend feel snug and safe, in their metal capsule, with a false feeling of ultimate security, then when they least expect it, BANG, and all the air bags deploy. First statement out of their mouths, ” I just never saw that dang truck”. Truth is, they weren’t paying attention.

Well, that’s what Republicans have been doing for the past 25 years. Cruising down the political freeway, not paying attention. November 4th 2020 was the big collision. The question now; is the party a total loss?

About 25 years ago, the left began their program for total domination of our educational system. Changing it from education to indoctrination. K-12 teachers openly discuss politics in classrooms, pushing youngsters to accept leftist ideas. It becomes more pronounced as the child gets older. The public schools have instituted programs that literally make it possible for young people to engage in certain practices, such as getting abortions, without the parents consent. They are slowly but surely taking your children out of your control. Schools are becoming leftist brain washing laboratories.

In colleges and universities, conservative professors and teachers, have been pushed out in alarming numbers. Today, only 1 in 50 professors is a conservative. You can only imagine how muted any conservative ideas have become. Colleges and Universities have literally become training camps for leftist foot soldiers. The college students have been radicalized, to the point, that having conservative speakers, is simply out of the question. They will not allow any opposing ideas to be heard. Graduations occur every spring, and a brand new wave of leftist crazies hit the streets, with very anti American ideas floating around in their little pea brains. This past summer, you got to see the fruit of the grand leftist plan, play out every night on your local news. Wasn’t pretty was it?

Here’s little old me. A semi retired steel construction guy, living in small town America, and I have been seeing this happen from the beginning. I’m not the only one, I’ve had discussions about this with my friends for years now. We all saw it happening. We heard the crazy shit they were teaching our grandkids. The burning question is; why didn’t the geniuses in the Republican party see it? These people are sitting back, fat, dumb and happy, getting rich off of the taxpayers dime, and letting the wolves kill the sheep.

There is another guy that saw what was happening, and wanted to stop it all. That guy is Donald J. Trump. He campaigned on stopping all of the craziness, and the voters, resoundingly said, “hell yes”, he’s our man. But the Republican establishment said “hell no” he’s too rough, that’s not who we are, we were silk undies, and dine in fine eateries. I’ll never forget that loser Paul Ryan looking down his nose, making snide comments about Trump being uncouth. Paul Ryan literally did as much damage to Trumps first two years, as Nancy Pelosi did to his last two years.

November 29th, 2020. The Democrats mounted one of the most extensive voter fraud schemes since Joseph Stalin, right under the noses of the Republicans. They did it so well, it will probably be impossible to unravel, and “Beijing Joe” will end up becoming the 46th President. All summer long, Democrat lawyers were laying the groundwork for stealing this election with mail in ballots, and everyone knew it was happening, they said they were doing it. Did the Republicans mount an offensive to stop it? If they did, I never heard anyone say so.

This is exactly what drives me stark raving mad about the Republicans, they are always playing “catch up”, never playing offense, always defense. They never seem to take the initiative and get out in front of the problem. Instead of fixing leak in their boat, they are content to take a bucket to bail out the water. This is exactly why we find ourselves at this very dangerous cross road. The Republican party may be drawing it’s final breath, thanks to their lack of forward vision. Pretty sure I’m not the only one that sees this, I have been hearing rumors about a new political party called the MAGA Party. I would gladly get on board with that.

Side note before I sign off; Several people have commented as to why the FBI and DOJ are not investigating the obvious voter fraud. Even the President made similar comments. C’mon man, these people hate DJT, abstaining from investigation is just finishing up the job they started four years ago. Donald Trump has no friends in DC. The Cavalry ain’t comin’.


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