Not that many years ago, proposing to construct something this ugly on a pristine landscape would have lefty libs running around screaming and pulling their hair out. But, someone has convinced them that these monstrosities are going save the planet. If saving the planet means that I’m going to be seeing these eye sores across every vacant piece of real estate from here to Cucamonga, I’ll pass, and die in darkness.

The hydroelectric dam on the Columbia River in Oregon produces roughly 42 billion Kilowatt hours of electricity, which is enough to meet the residential needs of 14 million people. That is equivalent to 80 billion barrels of crude oil. A single wind turbine produces roughly six million kilowatt hours per year, enough to meet the needs of about 1,500 homes. It would take 7,000 wind machines to produce as much electricity as one hydroelectric dam, which by the way produces zero pollution. Wind machines on the contrary use massive amounts of lubricating oil in the huge gear boxes, which has to be changed on a regular basis, much like your automobile. The gearboxes tend to hold about 60 gallons of oil, and has to be changed every 3-5 years. 7,000 windmills will consume 420,000 gallons of oil over that time period. Not only is the oil a factor, but the equipment required to change the oil is all powered by conventional internal combustion engines. By the way, 420,000 gallons of oil would fill the crankcases of about 336,000 automobiles. Another interesting fact; A 2.0 megawatt windmill requires 1.5 acres of land. That means it would take 10,500 acres of land use, to produce the same amount of electricity as one hydroelectric dam.

Every square inch of land surface in this world in owned by someone. That means that every 1.5 acres that is used to erect a wind machine will either have to be purchased or leased, which adds a significant cost factor into the production of electrical power, in addition to the cost to build and install the wind machine. There is a million pounds of rebar in the concrete base alone, plus the cost of the concrete. Wind machines have a life expectancy of around 20 years. When you factor in the pollution factor to produce the machine, and the pollution factor to recycle the machine after a short 20 year life span, adding in the down time when the wind wasn’t sufficient to produce power, the picture just isn’t that rosy. Maybe you never noticed, but the wind tends to quit blowing at night, which is the time for peak electrical use. If you don’t have massive storage capacity ( really big batteries ) you will experience brown outs.

Kilowatt hours of electricity generated by fossil fuels= 4,127 Billion. Nukes=809 Billion, Renewables=728 Billion. Doing the math, renewables are currently producing about 15% of electrical energy . So when the geniuses start clamoring to dismantle fossil fuel generators, in the face of a growing demand for all electric homes, automobiles, trains, trucks and busses, it only takes about 2.5 Nano seconds for the screen to go blue, and the fatal error message to appear. Making the situation even more dire, the environmentalists are pushing to remove the fossil fuel generators, and hydroelectric dams to protect the salmon. Last time I checked, salmon are pretty far down on the food chain. In the future, I see folks sitting in a dimly lighted house, cooking over a wood fire, and a useless Tesla automobile sitting in the garage. Portlanders will be delighted that the only functional form of transportation will be pedal bicycles.

Fifty years ago, people that came up with ideas like these were dismissed as fringe lunatics. They are now hailed as visionaries. Saviors of the planet. Actually, they may be the saviors of the planet, everyone will be on foot, foraging for food, staying warm and cooking by burning the trees. ( oh shit, someone overlooked the trees ) No nation will be able to mount an offensive against it’s neighbor, they won’t have any fuel for their war machines. I have never been more pleased to be months away from 80 years old. Best of luck to all of the younger folks, especially the ones here in Portland, Oregon that want all white people out of the U.S. and hand the land back over to the Native Americans. The Native Americans are really going to be shit out of luck with no white people and Asians to gamble their money away in the Indian Casinos. I may be wrong, but it doesn’t appear that younger people are really doing any in depth thinking here. Just sayin’.



  1. I can’t understand how people jump on board a program without seriously analyzing it. I think it comes down to the fact that they are too lazy to look any further than Facebook, or Twitter. Our citizens are turning into Lemmings. Thank you so much for your valued input. Have a great Sunday.


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