Over the past four years, the Democrats have shown you, very boldly, they are willing to do just about anything to gain total and complete power. They have also given you some very obvious clues about what they have planned. Many of us, me especially, totally missed the one I am going to talk about today. I’m pretty sure, they knew the bill would never make it past the Senate, let alone the President’s desk. I don’t believe that was the plan. The plan was to make everyone aware of their intentions, especially their voting base, and state leaders.

Bill HR-1. Introduced by John Sarbanes. ( D-MD ) The bill was rolled out on January 3, 2019, as the first official legislation of the 116th United States Congress. I have provided a link below, so that you can read the bill for yourself.


This bill was a very radical piece of legislation. Pretty much a battery of 105 Howitzers pointed directly at the Republican Party. It was designed to make it almost impossible to conduct a fair election in future races. Pay close attention to what I am going to say. This bill was dead on arrival in the Senate, the Democrats knew full well it would be. It didn’t matter, it was the blueprint to win the 2020 Presidential Election.

The plan for how to muddy up the election process was used by every Democrat Governor, put into play by executive fiat, and that my friends is what you just witnessed. Every item on the Democrat wish list was buried in this piece of garbage.

If Joe Biden ends up in the Oval, we all better hope and pray we retain the Senate, otherwise all of this crap, plus the New Green Deal, will end up as the law of the land. That will be a dark day indeed.


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