Adam Scott celebrates his win at The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, Sunday, April 14, 2013. (Tim Dominick/The State/MCT via Getty Images)

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Pretty sure, most Americans would agree that’s pretty darned important to them. It is to me. I really don’t want to worry about the government, and next way they plan on screwing up my life. I want the government to fear me, not the other way around.

When you look at the history of the world, it has always been rife with some sort of conflict or upheaval in so called civilization. It has either been driven by aggression, greed, or religion. It seems mankind is never happy for extended periods of time. One would think, that a life of peace would be the most desirable goal in human life, apparently it isn’t.

So in my opinion, when this dilemma is broken down to the most basic component, one culture or ideology, believes everyone else should be, and think exactly like them, even if brute force is required to achieve that goal. Nobody is more blunt than Islam. You convert or die. Pretty sure a lot of folks lied their way out of that one. Maybe that was the birth of politics.

Americans have been extremely blessed that we have only had one armed conflict within our borders since the original revolutionary war. Unfortunately, it was the Great Civil War, which resulted in the deaths of 620,000 Americans . Due to the fact, our schools no longer seem interested in teaching history, we may be teetering on another civil war, also having racial overtones. Very unfortunate indeed. Like the first civil war, it will be 100% American casualties.

Our form of government, if administered as the Founding Fathers intended, can’t get out of control for very long. Every four to eight years another group takes over, and can easily undo any craziness the previous administration may have put in place. The key component in keeping everything going straight down the road is strict adherence to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If either party goes off the rails and abandons that solemn oath to uphold the Constitution, all bets are off. We’ve all seen the carnage associated with train wrecks and how difficult it is to get those things back on the tracks.

I’ve mentioned this in my blogs before so it may sound familiar. Democrats and Republicans used to exercise a fair amount of respect and decorum while going about the business of the people. This has all changed since the days of Bill Clinton. I would argue that the Clintons ushered in a more hostile type of governing. Bill and Hillary were a young, nice looking couple, Bill was a smooth operator. But, they had a problem coloring inside the lines. This irked the Republicans and ended up with Bubba being impeached. They also tried to tie up Hillary in the Whitewater scandal. So the last four years of the Clinton administration were rather chaotic. The Democrats really wanted this to all go away, “Moveon.org was born”. In my opinion, this laid the groundwork for the ” tit for tat” way we operate today.

The gap between the Democrats and Republicans regarding how government should work has never been greater. This is my analogy in simple terms; Think of the Democrats and Republicans as chicken farmers, or egg ranchers. Democrats like the idea of putting the chickens in cages, everything is a fixed situation, no chance for anything to go wrong. Republicans prefer the “free range” style, where chickens are free to roam. The chickens are healthy and happy, and produce more eggs. Republicans are confident the chickens are smart enough to stay off the roadway.

A little side note here; Do you remember during the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, when Webster’s Dictionary was adding new words and meanings from Mazie Hirono’s line of questions? I’ve been watching Joe Biden lately, how the hell are the Webster folks ever going to keep up with Joe’s new words and phrases. And by the way, who is the language sherpa that is going to interpret these new words? Could it be that Joe is actually on another plain of spirituality, and he is actually speaking in “tounges”? One more of the great mysteries of 2020.



  1. Ummm… Most normal people, whether Christian or not, do not understand words derived from Satan.
    Satan is only capable of influencing those who are weak to God’s commands or do not know them. Neither of the above mentioned are fussy about having God in their lives, even if they know the Truth. Joe is in another spiritual existence, for sure, but it doesn’t involve God.


  2. Thank you, you too! Just so you know WP is suppressing you with comments. You aren’t the only one. Texas J&D have spam in the form a response, repeatedly. Something is going on.


    1. I just discovered my spam folder had positive comments and they had put over 1500 in spam and now are deleted. All this time, didn’t know this. They actually let a vulgar one get through that I sent to spam. Many of my positive comments to steelpencil never show up so probably in his spam folder.

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      1. Check the total number of spams found and try to pull them up. My 1500 were all deleted, just 7 current ones were available. Four positive ones, two spanish ones, and one magic mushroom.


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