Has your local or state government lowered you taxes lately? I didn’t think so. Our county tax accessor is still sending out full blown tax bills, probably larger than last year’s, I just haven’t stopped to look yet. They haven’t removed the warning about extra charges if you’re late on the payment. Nope, it’s business as usual at the tax collectors office. So, I’m looking around, and I see some pretty flakey shit going on while I’m still paying “full boat”.

Let’s start off with something that happened a while back, but I’m still pissed, and may be pissed far into the future. I had a salad for lunch at a local restaurant, and got some sort of food poisoning. By 10:00 in the evening, I can’t hold anything down, and I’m getting really weak from dehydration. Last resort, I call 911 and the paramedics came over, put me in the ambulance, started and I.V. and away we went to the hospital, about six miles away. Don’t misunderstand, I was grateful, I was fading fast. The following week, I get a bill for $1,200.00. Mind you, this is just a couple of months after paying the county $4,800.00 in property taxes, which supports the fire dept. When I’m paying that much in taxes, in my opinion, charging me for the ambulance ride, is salt in the wounds. I’ve paid roughly $69,000.00 in property taxes over the past 15 years, got no kids in schools, I work every damn day, don’t ask these jerks for anything, and they can’t even give me an hour of time, and a short ride. I’ve got an idea. Stop collecting taxes and let private enterprise run the fire departments. I’ll be money ahead for sure. I won’t be responsible for their wages and retirement.

I drove downtown to pick up some printing on Monday. As I’m driving through what used to be beautifully maintained streets, there are homeless encampments on the sidewalks and under the bridges, trash everywhere, it looks like a garbage dump with people living in the piles of trash. I can’t even walk down the sidewalks, they are blocked with tents and trash. If I wanted to take a walk in the park and just sit and relax, impossible it’s filled with homeless people, tents and trash. As a taxpaying citizen, I should be able to walk unimpeded on city sidewalks, and enjoy the city parks without dealing with feral people. We need to start calling this what it is, feral people. City administrators are letting my city go to hell, but if tell them I’m withholding my taxes until they get their shit together, they come after me for delinquent taxes. These assholes are not doing the job we pay them to do, but we have no recourse. Who are you gonna call, nobody does anything, they are useless drones.

God help you if you need to go to a city or state office to take care of business. They’re closed because of the covid crap. There are folks working everyday in grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, you name it. But hell no, those nambi pambi government workers are too valuable to be exposed to covid. This so called pandemic has made one thing abundantly clear, we could get by with at least 50% less government workers. I’m sure no one would even notice. Before covid, when the offices were fully staffed, it took forever to get building permits and other construction related permits.

If you think it’s bad now, if this country goes socialist and you have to deal with these deadheads for medical care, your life is going to get measurably worse. We have relatives in England, and the horror stories they tell about the national healthcare services will make you cringe. My wife’s niece injured her leg, wasn’t sure if it was broken. It too 36 hours before she could be examined. When she was finally admitted, they couldn’t find a doctor that spoke English, in England no less. It is an unmitigated disaster. That’s what Beijing Biden has planned for you. However, that doesn’t stop England from taxing the living hell out of it’s citizens. Believe me, if it moves, they tax it.

Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington. Cities located in two of the most beautiful places on the planet, the amazing Pacific Northwest. Two, once beautiful cities, now governed by leftist maniacs, that are driving them into the ground.

PORTLAND, OREGON: The Mayor and City Council are literally a group of people that couldn’t run a lemonade stand. They actually permitted a five or six story building to be built with no available parking, anywhere. They could have designed the building with ” tuck under ” parking, which would have taken some of the load off of the surrounding streets which are already overburdened. But Portland City administrators hate cars, and will do anything to keep them out of the city. Parking in Portland is a nightmare. The streets in Portland are narrow to start with, and the city has put light rail down the center of the streets, plus marked off bike lanes as well. Driving a car in Portland is difficult to say the least, and that’s exactly what the plan was. Leave your damned car at home. Ride the light rail or your bicycle. Then as if it isn’t bad enough, everywhere you look, feral people are living on the streets in tents, or just passed out from some sort of intoxicant. Then at night, ANTIFA, and BLM show up and tear the hell out of things, burn shit, and break windows. So, the geniuses have cut the police budget, which was already stretched to the breaking point, and are allowing the punks to terrorize the city every night, for well over 200 days now. Why is this a big deal? Because, people in the outlying area of the city, are being denied police services, while a depleted police force are defending the inner city.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Conditions same as Portland, only slightly worse. Mayor and City Council, same flavor.

We have friends in Multnomah County where Portland is located. Same size home, same amount of property, taxes over twice as much as ours, over $8,000.00 per year. But the city of Portland say’s they don’t have enough money to fix the streets, and have levied a special street tax to fix pot holes. They have also came up with this genius plan to put trackers on your cars and charge you for miles driven. Nice huh? More leftist bullshit. What is mind boggling, the residents keep voting these idiots back in office. They have to be masochistic.

This is absolutely maddening. They keep raising our taxes, and the services keep getting worse, or disappearing altogether. That doesn’t stop them from dreaming up more welfare projects to assist illegal aliens, and wasting billions of dollars on failed programs for feral people. The system is going to break, and it ain’t gonna be a pretty sight to see. We all know who is going to be responsible, but that won’t make it any easier to deal with. 2020 sucks!



  1. Good write. Gonna get some read from non-WP people. Yeah, I do that. Here’s a thought I’ve been mulling. A petition for referendum that elected officials be held legally accountable financially with punishment well beyond loss of office for malfeasance. So this year I get six signatures. Next year, WE get 600, the next year 6000, and a ballot spot. So no one wants to be “elected”? Not all bad, right there, Already we see a decrease in costs of government. Accountability. Accomplishing anything, time to go after golden-parachuted CEOs. They’re PRIVATE, someone says. So what? Their criminal acts jeopardize society, that makes them criminal.


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