Donald Trump was elected in 2016 because middle America was tired of being treated like step sisters. The coastalists, who also are, for the most part, lefties, have no clue about how middle America lives, thinks, or earns money. They think we are a bunch of dumb farmers and rednecks. This is coming from a guy that has lived on the west coast for sixty years. I’m a transplanted Okie, and I will always be an Okie until I take my last breath. It’s a frame of mind. Every day when I experience the way coastalists think and act, it makes me extremely glad that I am not one of them, and never will be. I live here for the weather. I surround myself with folks like myself, who have moved here from Red states, and understand the true meaning of being American.

For years, we were known as the silent majority. We pretty much went about our business and left the politicking to our Republican leaders. That didn’t work very well, because our Republican leaders were weak, had no backbone. They let the Democrats run wild. In reality, there wasn’t a lot of difference between the two parties, both were big on squeezing as much money out of the system as possible to line their own pockets. They went to Washington D.C. on a Greyhound, and came home in Cadillac.

Back in the nineties, the Republicrats made a very big tactical error. Both parties were in bed with big money. Big money wanted more money, so with the blessings of the Republicrats, started offshoring jobs, not only to Japan, but Taiwan, and China, in that order. Because China was an emerging market, goods and manufacturing could be had for pennies on the dollar. Middle America found itself in major economic decline, with no hope in sight. Once prosperous cities, were turning into ghost towns.

Donald Trump had been observing this for years. You can watch old videos of him from twenty or more years ago, commenting on the horrible effects it was having on our country. He also had strong opinions on never ending foreign wars. The fat cats on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. were bloated with money from selling war materials, while raking in billions from cheap goods and labor from China. Veering slightly off my train of thought here, but what kind of monsters are these people that promote wars that kill and maim young Americans, so they can rake in billions of dollars. Do they even have any feelings of remorse when they see flag draped coffins being offloaded at Air Bases, or the hundreds of young men and women missing arms and legs?

The madness had to be stopped. A meek mild mannered man would never be able to do it. Only a brash, rough talking guy from the Queens would stand a chance of going up against the richest and most powerful people in the world. It had to be a man that was self made, not beholden to big corporations or special interest groups. Donald J. Trump was that guy. He started a war against the establishment, as an Army of One. He is a human wrecking ball. Because he was willing to take on this task, we now know the extent of corruption in D.C., that if not for President Trump, we would have never known any of it.

Five years ago, I could not have imagined the FBI and CIA, plotting to overthrow a duly elected American President. We all saw it play out in front of our very own eyes. Something you would only expect to see in a movie. Obviously they were unsuccessful, but they made it virtually impossible for the President to conduct business as normal. They painted a very unflattering picture of American politics for the world to view.

What we actually witnessed, was the establishment in self defense mode. This included the Democrat Congress men and women, and even some old establishment Republicans, as well as the DOJ. Donald Trump was shining a bright light on the dark side of D.C. But, the resistance didn’t stop there, the entire unionized educational system and universities nationwide, felt they were being threatened. Nobody milks the system like the educational establishment, they weren’t about to have their gravy train derailed.

We saw the resistance mobilize within days of President Trump’s inauguration. It was pretty damned ugly. The street violence subsided for awhile, during the Mueller shit show. However, nobody foresaw what was coming next, when the Presidential campaigns ramped up. Unbelievable street violence by BLM and ANTIFA erupted. These people shocked us by injuring and killing senior citizens, and committing violence against handicapped people. Mass looting and destruction of public property took place, and is still taking place. You need to understand, these people want to overthrow the United States Government. The Democrats used them to create chaos to help them win the election, but these people are Marxists and Communists, they hate the Democrats as well. BLM is already using strong arm tactics against Biden, as well as Gavin Newsome. If they don’t get their way, violence will follow. These people are morphing into urban guerillas, and it’s only going to get worse.

Intimidation to force someone to comply with your wishes has likely been going on since a few years beyond that fateful day that Adam was convinced to partake of the apple. That’s obviously when things took a turn for the worse. Fast forward a few thousand years and things are really getting out of hand. Intimidation used to be something that was done in the shadows. It’s now done in broad daylight in front of TV cameras. This is the scary part, a very large part of America is not on board, and they are well armed. How long will it be before middle America says enough, and starts fighting back? When that happens, a lot of other folks get caught up in the ensuing vortex of violence.

The only way to stop the inevitable, is through the law, and the support of law enforcement. Not something to look forward to, from the Biden group, if they end up in power. There seems to only be a few states that understand this, Ron DeSantis of Florida totally gets it. Folks, in my opinion, the only way out of this mess is through strong law enforcement, and incarceration of the bad guys. Defunding police and abolition of prisons is a recipe for disaster of the worst kind. Only an idiot would suggest such actions.

One more thought; Notice that the ones calling for socialism, are also the ones calling for defunding the police and getting rid of prisons. Socialist nations have a shortage of neither. Think about that.


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