In the past few days, Biden introduced his granddaughter as Beau, his late son, and said ” he’s the one a lot of you helped elect to the Senate in Delaware”. Then he realized his error and called her by her sister’s name. Also, his son Beau was not a Senator, he was the Attorney General. Joe Biden’s brain is like one of those kiddie prize vending machines. You put in the coin, and you never know what you’re going to get. Dr. Marc Siegel said on Tucker Carlson a few weeks ago, that the type of aneurisms that Biden suffered years ago, cause the brain to jumble up ideas and words, and it progressively gets worse with age.

Imagine if you’re the President of China or Russia, our most powerful adversaries, and you’re watching this guy, knowing you may be negotiating with him in the future on crucial issues, your first reaction would be to do a fist pump and say, yeeeeesss. Then the next thought that crosses your mind, is it could be Kamala if old Joe croaks. Then you do a double fist pump shout YEAH!!!! ” We got those Yanks by the balls now”. And we thought we had it good when Obama was in office.

Meanwhile over in Pyongyang, Little Rocket Man, is telling his guys, we got ’em by the yang yang now. Start drawing up our demands, and fire a few rockets over Japan early next year. We be goin’ to da bank.

You notice Wall Street has been having a good ol’ time for a couple of days. They’re all dancing in the aisles, gettin’ ready to go back to Beijing. There are no patriots on Wall Street, only money grubbers. The only allegiance they have is to the almighty dollar.

The big mystery to me, is how the average American became so blinded by lies, that they were duped into voting for a used up old politician with a defective brain, with a running mate that got to where she is by sleeping with Willy Brown. Neither one of these dopes have a damn thing going for them. Dopey Joe has always been the laughing stock of D.C. Why do you think people called him ” crazy uncle Joe”. Kamala has one of the most dismal records ever. She couldn’t even make it past the first round of the primaries. Nobody likes her. Voting for these two halfwits and expecting good results, is like buying stock in a Yemen yacht factory.

The House of Representatives, and the Senate, with all of the peripheral staff, and bureaucrats, has to be the largest group of reality challenged individuals in the entire world. I am amazed daily, that the United States of America is actually at the top of the world power structure. Holy crap, how stupid must our adversaries be? At least half of these people couldn’t run a lemonade stand. Have you ever, in your entire lifetime, seen anyone dumber than Eric Swalwell, or Maxine Waters? Well, look no further than the people in their districts, they just got voted in for another term.

I hate being a purveyor of doom and gloom, but these people are going to work with their heads in their asses every day, while some very bad folks are planning some very bad stuff for our towns and cities. If you want to know what I am talking about, start following Glen Beck on Blaze TV. I just watched a leaked zoom call today, that will make you cringe. It’s still available for you to watch on Glen’s pod cast. The media is not covering this, but here in the Pacific Northwest, Portland and Seattle, are still under siege by ANTIFA and BLM for over 150 days now. This is happening in other cities, but the media has chosen to ignore it, because it makes their side look bad. Joe Biden will not be a force to curtail this madness, he is weak and compromised by his association with the far left factions of the Democrat Party. If Biden wins, we are in for one hell of a ride folks.



    1. There are a lot of people in Oregon that are a special kind of stupid. It’s obvious that the majority approves of this stupidity, they keep voting for Democrats. Which reminds me, don’t ever feel sorry for the pig wallowing in mud, he likes it.


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