Do you believe the super rich are pulling the strings on what happens in this world? I suspect they do. Perhaps more than we may ever know. Sure, we have our local, state and federal governments, but I also believe we have a shadow government made up of the super rich that manipulate what really happens around the globe. There have been numerous movies made on this premise, so I don’t feel like an outsider. It’s also no secret that politicians are like used cars, bought and sold to the highest bidders. Make no mistake, money trumps political ideology, but political ideology is a great tool for powerful people to move things in certain directions.


Several very smart people have raised the question in recent months regarding the Covid-19 virus, as to how it came to be, and how it escaped the laboratory into the world populations. Others have raised the question, as to whether or not it is an engineered virus. It certainly doesn’t share a lot of the traits of previous Coronaviruses. It appears to cause odd symptoms, such as blood clots, and other strange maladies, and seems to be much more contagious. Also, I read a report that the virus has not been mutating, like other viruses typically do. Some are saying, that is an indication that it is a virus that has been altered to create a bioweapon.


The key factor in this story, is that CHINA, is the source of this virus. It has been well established that it came from a bio lab in Wuhan. This particular lab has a bad safety record for how it handles biologically hazardous materials. For years, observers have noted shoddy procedures. However, that doesn’t mean that the virus was accidentally released, it just makes for a very good excuse. For months, President Trump had been inflicting some serious financial pain on China in the form of tariffs and trade restrictions. China timed this perfectly, so that infected Chinese citizens would be traveling world wide for the Holidays. It worked perfectly, and sparked a world wide pandemic, totally catching the entire world off guard. Not knowing anything about the virus, the world panicked and started locking everything down, thinking there would be mass death. Nobody knew how to treat the virus. The world, including the United States were playing catch up on a grand scale. It worked perfectly, the global economy contracted in a huge way. Fortunately, the U.S. faired better than most, but our economy was severely wounded.


China had been positioning themselves for this event for who knows how long. Perhaps this was a secret weapon in their arsenal. A just in case weapon. Over the years, greedy corporations outsourced the manufacturing of medical supplies and medicines to China to maximize their profits, with by the way, the blessings of our greedy lawmakers. This is what you call “blind greed”. Making huge profits at the expense of your homeland security. This is why Trump preaches ” America First”. So while the entire world was reeling from Covid, China is raking in billions selling medicine and PPE, while the world economy tanks. But wait, there was an even bigger prize. By tanking the U.S. economy, and plunging the U.S. into a giant medical crisis, China knew it would possibly prevent Trump from being re-elected, thus solving a huge problem for them on the world stage.


In the opening paragraph, I spoke about big money and shadow governments. It’s no secret that the Democrats are in bed with big money, and big tech. Also, it’s no secret that big tech is in bed with the Chinese Communists. General Motors is deeply embedded in China. Big money doesn’t like to be told what to do. They don’t like Donald Trump and his “America First” agenda. They consider it archaic. So, do you find it hard to believe that the Democrats were in on the whole Covid-19 scheme? What an opportunity for them. They could utilize red state governors to literally shut down everything. Don’t you think it was strange how the Biden campaign was so focused on Covid? Donald Trump was fielding thousands of people at his rallies, and Joe was fielding less than thirty or forty people at a time. You never saw Biden without a mask, you rarely saw him leave his basement. The Covid-19 virus, was front and center throughout Biden’s campaign. Let’s be perfectly clear, it is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between the Democrats and the Chinese Communists. So, you have to ask yourself, how deeply involved are the Democrats with China? There are several different strains of communist and Marxist organizations operating openly in our cities, and I haven’t heard a single Democrat make one negative comment regarding these people. But probably the strangest phenomenon of this whole picture, is that the main stream media are the cheerleaders. If this country goes socialist, those same news outlets will be muzzled, and only be allowed to repeat leftist propaganda. Oh wait, that’s what they do now, never mind.



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