Make no mistake, this is exactly what this election is all about. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are documents that were created by men of God, inspired by God. The Bernie Sanders / Joe Biden manifesto is a document that is designed to nullify the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and give full and complete power to the government. It is nothing more than a facsimile of the Soviet Constitution by Joseph Stalin. The two documents are eerily similar. That shouldn’t surprise you, as Bolshevik Bernie’s fingerprints are all over it. You better kneel down tonight in prayer, and pray these fools never have a chance to implement it.

Analyze what you have been watching for the past several weeks. Donald Trump’s campaign has touting hope, and prosperity. Strength and happiness. Standing strong in the face of Covid, not letting it dominate your life. Opening up the economy, and schools. Letting people go back to work. Biden’s campaign on the other hand has been fomenting fear of the virus, advocating extended closures, saying it’s going to be a “dark winter.” The campaigns are 180 degrees opposed. Biden is mostly dour and angry. Donald Trump is upbeat, smiling, and joking. A stark contrast indeed between these two men.

When I see a Trump rally with 40,000 happy and excited individuals standing and sitting elbow to elbow, then see a Biden rally with less than thirty people, sitting in their cars, I just can’t imagine how that translates into a victory. Did you see any Biden boat parades this summer? Did you see any Biden road rallies this summer. Neither did I. What I see is a huge movement of people that love their President, and he loves them back. You might say, a Trump rally is a “love in”.

I felt that momentum in 2016. I knew Donald Trump was going to be triumphant, I just felt in my bones. I have the same feeling this time as well. Hillary Clinton was a lousy candidate, but she was a damn sight better than dopey Joe. Why would anyone elect a guy that can’t tell an Eagle from a Blue Hen. This man is struggling mentally. He is not fit for the office of President, and the Democrats know it. He is nothing more than a trojan horse for the radical left.

I predict that President Trump will be re-elected for four more years. If he is, this will be a victory of love over hate, a victory of good over evil. If Donald J. Trump wins another term, God has truly blessed America. Stay strong my fellow patriots.



  1. Why, I do not understand liberal people, other than gullible, basically decent, fall for the Democrat song of negativity? Zooks, my lips are chapped from (sanely) looking to convince friends and neighbors. I hope we see a resounding recast of 2016.


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