Please take a moment an look at the charts I have provided. My comments below.

The mainstream media has been hitting you hard with news of the uptick in new Covid cases across the United States, just weeks and days before a crucial Presidential election. In my opinion, they are using this data to frighten you, hoping you will be become so paranoid that you won’t leave your house. What is really important for you to realize, is that new Covid cases, are not causing Covid deaths to surge. The death rates are very low, and have basically “flat lined” for months now. Even in the high population states such as California, the death rates are currently in decline, yet Gavin Newsome continues to put even stricter regulations in place to curtail public activities.

Nobody, that is of sound body and mind, is in any hurry to end their stay here on earth. God intentionally implanted “self preservation” in our top three basic instincts. Needless to say, when someone continually tells you that your life is in danger from a pathogen, you are going to suddenly become compliant in order to preserve your life. However, God also equipped you with the ability to reason, which is not shared with too many other creatures on earth. So rather than take on the characteristics of a lemming, look deeper at what is actually going on.

The basic bench mark to remember: Covid deaths so far this year = about 200,000 plus or minus.

Each year ( based on 2018 pre-Covid stats ) about 2,839,200 people die. That is 7,779 each day. These people died from a variety of causes, including heart disease, cancer, lung disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. A great many of these diseases were listed on the death certificates of those who were counted as Covid deaths. Bottom line is that dying from Covid, is many times more likely, if you have any of these maladies. If you are a reasonably healthy person who is not grossly overweight, your chances of dying with Covid is less than 1%. President Trump is the perfect example of how far therapeutic treatments have progressed since the beginning of this pandemic. So, in my opinion, looking at the statistics, the number of people that died from Covid as the primary cause of death is probably very low. Deaths in nursing homes, among people whose health is already compromised, are responsible for 42% of all deaths attributed to Covid.

The cold hard facts can’t be ignored. If your state government is taking draconian measures to curtail your freedoms based on Covid, they are lying to you, and using this disease against you for political reasons. Scientific data does not warrant such actions. As a side note, what does Anthony Fauci stand to gain for continually spouting his nonsense? That one really has me scratching my head.

Next time these fools are up for election, don’t forget the hell they put you through for no good reason. Getting rid of corrupt politicians is better than any vaccine.


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