That’s me in my shopping outfit. I went out to the local supermarket this afternoon to pick up my supply of breakfast cereal, which I can’t start my day without, and few other items. As I was walking along minding my own business, a young lady approximately seven or eight years old, looked up at me, smiled real big, and waved. Her mother standing nearby, said ” she loves your Trump mask”. Needless to say I was very surprised by that. The family was Latina, Mother, two small daughters and and a 15 year old son. They were a beautiful family. The mother told me they love Donald Trump. She said “he has done so much for us”. She went on to say the Democrats will be a disaster for them. She also said that being safe from criminals was very important, and she loved Donald Trump’s support for law and order. The conversation was uplifting to say the least, and made my day. Later I went out again for some fast food, and more people signified their approval of my outfit. I’m feeling pretty good about that right now.

While attending my evening church services with Pastor Carlson, one of his sponsors is a steel building manufacturer. That sent my brain off in another direction. I love really big, old, industrial buildings. Like the one pictured below.

There were thousands of these buildings all across the United States, in the late 1800’s and throughout most of the 1900’s. To me, they signify the innovation and creativity of Americans. These buildings housed manufacturing companies that built everything from lawnmowers to aircraft, and millions of things in between. Millions of Americans punched a time clock every morning, and spent the next eight hours or more, providing for their families. They were the backbone of our nation. They built our buildings, our automobiles, our ships, our bridges, and made life better for everyone. What happened inside the walls of these industrial buildings, was the force that made America great.

Each one of these buildings, represents several groups of people, that made up a team. The owner, whose dreams and ideas created the business. The engineers and designers that created the product, and the skilled workers that brought the ideas to life. Last but not least the marketing folks that sold the end products. Some of these products required special machinery, which involved another specialized manufacturing company. So when I look at one of these old buildings, I am able to imagine, the intensity of the activity that was once a daily occurrence. Many of them are now silent, except for the sounds of birds nesting in the rafters. To me, these old buildings are the romantic memories of a time that is gone and will never return. They are the gravestones of the early industrial revolution.

Manufacturing today is a much cleaner and safer environment. The early years depended on man power, now many of the jobs are done by robotics. Will someone in the distant future be writing romantic memories of robots? I doubt it. But those folks that worked in those old buildings of the past, laid the groundwork for how we do things today. They figured out how to lift heavy objects with hydraulics, and cable driven hoists. They invented the assembly line, although it looks vastly different today with robotic arms doing the welding and lifting. The floors are spotlessly clean and the lighting is as brilliant as sunlight.

However, if you feel like I do, don’t by dismayed. There are still working examples of the bygone era, tucked away in the dark corners of your city. Those examples are small and medium sized steel fabrication shops. Steel fabrication hasn’t changed a whole lot since the early 1900’s. There are no assembly lines. The floors are still covered in steel dust, and miscellaneous chunks of steel. The smoke from welding still hangs in the air, and the machines are still noisy and greasy. You can still smell the freshly painted iron. The clothing of the fabricators takes on the color of steel, and they looking eerily like the guys that worked in the fab shops a hundred years ago, like ghosts from the past. There are still creaking and noisy overhead cranes just like the old days. I can’t help it, I love these places. Steel workers in these small scattered shops, are still building this nation, just like they always have, and just like they always will.

I’m feeling pretty good about our President being re-elected. I hope I’m not wrong. The America that we know and love will be gone forever if the Democrats ever gain complete control. These people have no soul, they have no feelings for our wonderful nation and it’s heritage. They want to destroy all evidence of our forefathers, and great American heroes. They must be defeated.


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