I hate to admit I feel this way, because I love my country, but the corruption is rampant. It is infecting every level of government from the small towns to the halls of Congress. The buildings that house the governing bodies were built to look majestic, to have the look of purity and honesty. What goes on inside is dark and sinister. When you watch, and listen to the Democrats, they spew lies and hatred like nothing I have ever seen before. Every day, I think it can’t get much worse, then it does. We now have a Democrat party leader in the Senate, vowing future retribution because the Republicans exercised their Constitutional duty and filled a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Chuck Schumer no longer sounds like a statesman, he sounds like a street thug. The Democrats are no longer just political opponents, politely maneuvering within the framework of laws and social decorum. They hate Republicans and what they stand for, and are literally willing to destroy this nation to achieve total political domination. I don’t scare easily, but this is beginning to cause me serious concern about the lives and safety of my friends and family.

Our educational institutions no longer teach our youngsters to honor and respect our national heritage. They now teach that our beloved nation was built on the backs of slave labor, and the land itself was stolen from the Native Americans. They teach that the United States was founded on evil principles, and is still to this day, inherently raciest. Anyone with an I.Q. higher than a marshmallow, fully understands that there is no way on earth, the native Americans could have held on to this continent, when numerous other civilizations were so far advanced on all levels. Mankind has always sought new frontiers, that just happens to be how we are wired. Destiny belongs to people with knowledge and a drive to prosper. It doesn’t belong to those that are complacent, and satisfied with the status quo. Oh, and by the way, they need to stop pedaling the lie about the country being built on the backs of slaves. This country was built by smart hardworking pioneers, that worked from sunup to sundown. These lies are poisoning the minds of our youth, and turning them against America. It needs to stop, NOW!

What the hell has happened to our free press? Journalists are supposed to be one of our first lines of defense against evildoers. They have now joined the ranks of the evildoers, and defend the corruption they are supposed to be exposing. Are they so stupid, that they don’t realize they are playing a losing hand? The corruption they are defending will end up being the death of the free press. I hope they have a secondary vocation, like driving for UBER. Journalism used to be an honorable endeavor, now they are nothing more than Democrat propagandists. How sad is that? Journalists are now condoning censorship?? That’s sort of like do it yourself neutering.

The Democrats are hell bent on becoming the dominant political party, making it virtually impossible for Republicans to ever be in power again. The only way that will happen is to no longer recognize the Constitution as the governing document, basically ignoring it. If there are no longer any checks and balances, today’s corruption will look like Sesame Street by comparison. Think about what the Democrats have tried to do in the past four years, and imagine what they would do if there was no one to stop them. This country would rapidly turn into another Russia, dominated by corrupt leaders and filthy rich oligarchs that govern by intimidation and death. Putin loves to poison his resistance, an old KGB trick.

We cannot allow this glorious nation to be taken over by liars and thieves. We must vote Republican and work to eradicate the America haters from any position of power. A two party system is absolutely necessary to keep a balance of power. We will only save our nation through vigilance, and determination, exactly how our founding Fathers did it. Stay strong.



  1. You dishonor marshmallows. On board. Been on board. While not as factual as you, I have been sneaking satire jabs at MSM, greed, avarice, lying, Democrats and (yes even) Repullicans. This “fluff” to get folks to READ, a skill many have let atrophy. Worse, their abilities to THINK, if ever there, have blown away in the winds of liberalism. No. Liberalism is not per se the original evil. The root is stupidity and complacency (hand me the remote, dear). Now I find unless there’s a “pretty picture” I cannot capture the attentions of some to nudge them to mouth the words. America is not even a nation of lip-licking word-mouthers anymore. Brainwashed cretins. —– You do good work. I wish more I send your way would react intelligently. —– Excuse me, I must now search for a pretty picture of a kiitty cat to head my next post….

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