Let’s just be honest, this guy’s brain is toast, just like Robert Mueller’s brain is toast. The heartless Democrat bastards are using Joe Biden just like they did Bob Mueller. Both of these crazy old coots, have one thing in common, they’ll do anything for another pay day, even if they look like total fools in the process. Joe Biden is an empty shell, a dead man walking. The Democrats knew he was the best chance they had, out of all of those other idiots on the debate stage. They rolled the dice, and it looks like it’s going to come up a seven or eleven.

If Joe Biden were to win, he would be the most compromised President in my lifetime. He has, in a sense, made a pact with the devil, or I should say devils. Wall Street, China, and far left factions of the Democrat party.

As of a few hours ago, Tucker Carlson pretty much laid bare the corruption of the Biden family, and it’s not pretty. They have been in bed with bad actors all over the globe for the past several years, raking in millions in access money. Do you really think he is going to command any respect from other world leaders, especially the Chinese? Does anyone think China is going to take him seriously when he was on the take, playing footsies with the Chinese Communist thugs? Putin would be laughing hysterically if Biden were elected. He couldn’t wait for Crazy Joe to start shutting down oil production. Barrack and Biden gave the Mullahs 1.5 billion in cash, now Biden and the Democrats want to put Iran back in a dominant position for oil production. Seriously people, this is stupidity on steroids.

It’s also no secret that Wall Street has invested heavily in Joe Biden’s campaign. Sleepy Joe will be beholden to the big money and corporate power brokers. Democrats being Democrats will start raising taxes, writing new regulations and getting rid of Trumps de-regulation orders, and you can wave goodbye to domestic jobs and production.

Last but not least, the far left factions of the Democrat party will descend on Joe like vultures, and won’t stop until there is nothing left but a skeleton of what used to be Joe Biden. They will start working to invoke the 25th amendment as soon as he takes the oath of office. They know he’s incapable of doing the job. I would be surprised if he lasted a year. He has been trying to become President since 1988, this is his third try. How ironic, that if he does finally succeed, he will be driven out, like a leper by his own party. Joe will end up broken and irrelevant, just like Bob Mueller. The fact that Joe Biden is unable to see this, is just one more indication why he shouldn’t be anywhere near the oval office. Then again, maybe he doesn’t care as long as he goes down in history of being the 46th President of the United States.



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