When you ask someone what they think of a current event, how many times have you heard one of these replies? ” I don’t care about politics”, ” Oh, I never watch the news, it’s depressing”, ” I never read the newspaper”, ” I don’t care about that stuff”. They’ll damn sure care when their rights start disappearing. When they are waking up in a country they no longer recognize. These are the first people to start screaming ” You can’t do this, I have rights”. They had rights, but didn’t protect them, then they were gone. Once they’re gone, you ain’t never gonna get ’em back.

Black Lives Matter was spawned in a large part by the debacle in Ferguson, Missouri in response to the death of Michael Brown. That fateful day was August 9, 2104. Freddie Gray died in police custody on April 19, 2015, about eight months later in Baltimore. BLM suddenly became well known, and very active, claiming to be a force to end police killing of black people. Much to the chagrin of Barrack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder, the police in both cases were totally exonerated. The stats prove that blacks dying at the hands of police is totally overblown. You have to pay close attention when researching these numbers, and make sure you keep everything in perspective. Numbers are easily manipulated and can misrepresent almost anything when the presenter has a biased agenda. That’s why I feel the stats from the FBI are probably the most accurate. I’m not going to bore you and insert graphs and charts for you to read through, I did it for you. Here’s the bottom line, young black men are more prone to gun violence than whites or Hispanics. Young black men account for about 53% of gun related homicides. African American males have an offending rate roughly six times higher than whites. If Black Lives Matter was really about what the name implies, they would be focusing their efforts in the inner cities educating and reforming the black communities, and making an all out effort to curb crime and violence. Curbing crime and violence would immediately halt black men being killed by police officers. The fact that they are focusing on reducing the number of police officers, tells you they have another agenda altogether.

The communists, Marxists, and socialists, have been lurking in the shadows in this nation for decades. In recent years they have emerged from the shadows and are now working in plain sight. Nobody is more visible than Bill De Blasio. Good ol’ Billy Boy is an avowed communist. He is single handedly destroying NYC, and nobody can stop him. I’m sure his ego is growing with each passing day, gloating over his one man capture and occupation, of one our the nations largest and most prosperous cities.

While De Blasio may be a bump in the road for NYC, Black Lives Matter is a much more serious threat, and something that everyone should be acutely aware of. Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, founded hashtag Black Lives Matter and expanded it to over 30 local chapters from 2014 to 2016. Like ANTIFA, it is a decentralized network of activists, with no formal hierarchy. For an organization that plans on engaging in nefarious activities, this type of organization works well. Attempting to prosecute and hold these people responsible for their actions is sort of like nailing jello to the wall. Fifteen to twenty-six million people participated in the 2020 protests, under the flag of BLM, making it one of the largest movements in U.S. history. While that’s only roughly .07% of the population, it does represent a force to be reckoned with. The founders of BLM are openly Marxists, admitting they want to overthrow the United States Government. Having such an agenda, and being able to attract a multiracial crowd of twenty million young folks tells me, the American hating educators are having a fair amount of success. What should alarm you more than anything, is that these people are Democrats. Don’t hold your breath waiting on your Democrat mayors, governors, and lawmakers to call for and end to the violence, those people in the streets are voting Democrats. That would be political suicide.

Do you want more proof? Do you remember a woman by the name of Susan Rosenberg? She was pardoned by Bill Clinton at the end of his term. She had served 18 years of a 58 year sentence for domestic terrorism, while a member of the ” Weather Underground.” Susan Rosenberg now sits on a board of a charity, that raises money for BLM, the group is called ” Thousand Currents.” Keep this in mind, when ” little Susie ” was arrested, she was unloading 740 lbs of explosives and a sub machine gun from a truck in New Jersey. Something else to keep in mind, even though ” Thousand Currents ” is listed as a charity, Black Lives Matter, is not, a non profit group. A charity funding a non charity, seems strange to me.

The average American never thinks about this, because they are too busy surviving. There is a sub culture that truly wants to destroy America and the American Dream. It is truly a sick minded group of people, hell bent on destruction. They literally hate America. I have written extensively about this in the past, and I am concerned that it has progressed to the point, it is going to literally take a war in the streets, to reverse this trend. Our public education system is throwing gasoline on the fire, as well as the uber left college professors. Adding to the problem, are parents that are very willing to let the state take the primary responsibility to raise their children, failing to monitor what they are being taught. However, I suspect, there is probably a large portion of those parents that are on board with the garbage being shoved into the brains of their children. It is the age old epic battle, between good and evil. The Democrat party is the evil one. They are the ones that generate contention between races, genders, and religions. They believe that their power is derived from division rather than unity. The only unity they practice, and they are quite good at it, is party unity. Their party platform is purely Anti American.

Wrapping this up, I want you to always remember what Nancy Pelosi said a few days ago. This tells you everything you need to know about Nancy and the Democrats. In a interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Wolf was asking why she was stalling the Covid stimulus package. He added that people needed help. She blew it off, angrily telling him, he didn’t know what he was talking about. Wolf said, I see them on the street, they’re hungry. Nancy said ” we know who they are, we feed them.” I was stunned by what she said, as if she is a zoo keeper, and she and the Democrats are making sure the animals are being fed. She instantly dehumanized the citizenry, both Democrats and Republicans. She is the modern day version of Marie Antoinette and needs to be booted from power.

For the sake of the Republic, vote Republican. Our freedom and future depends on it.



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