I apologize, I don’t remember where the latest so called protests occurred over a black man being shot by a black police officer. The perp fired on the officer first, and unfortunately for him, the cop was a better marksman. The perp won’t get the chance to improve his skills with a pistol, cause he be dead. So, as we have all learned since way back, during the 1965 Watts riot, and who the hell knows how many since, the first order of business for the black community, is burn down their city, and loot everything in sight. The police officer’s action was obviously justified, defending himself from being killed by the perp. But why let facts get in the way? Can we just cut the bullshit? These jerks are looking for any excuse, no matter how lame, to load up on free shit. My message to the lame brain politicians and idiots in the news rooms, this ain’t reprisal against the white man, there isn’t one damn thing about this that has any sort of redeeming quality. It’s thuggery, plain and simple. Quit trying to paint it as being justified, it’s not. Actions such as these are born out of hatred.

KAMALA HARRIS: I’m sure this woman must earn some serious cash, and has earned some serious cash in the past. So, why do all of her clothes look like she shops at Goodwill? I thought Hillary’s duds were horrible. Hillary’s pants suits looked like the old polyester stuff from the seventies. Kamala’s clothes are just butt ugly. I really never paid much attention to her before last night’s debate, she looks like she’s been shot in the face with a double barreled ugly gun.

NANCY PELOSI: I saw a clip from her presser today, her mask looked like she made from a kitchen towel. However, it did cover half of her botoxed mug which was great. This woman is clearly a legend in her own mind, what little of it she has left. She says crap, that she can’t possibly deliver on. Somehow, she thinks she, as Speaker of the House, is on equal footing with the President. No Nancy, you are just one person in the legislative branch that has equal power to the executive branch. There ain’t a damn thing that’s special about you Nancy, in a good way that is.

GRETCHEN WHITMER: The FBI foiled a plot by an outlaw militia to kidnap the governor. She immediately blamed President Trump. No Gretchen, you have been a total asshole, over the past six months and people hate your ass. It just so happens, these guys really hate your sorry ass. You brought this on yourself. You would do yourself a really big favor if you would just shut up. You’re the governor, you’re not the Queen, you were elected, and soon you’re going to be unelected. The only power you ever had was given to you by the people, who you thoroughly abused. Your name should be Wretched Whitmer. By the way, you should reach out to Jenny Craig, after some serious counselling on human relations.

NICOLE WALLACE: Reporter, news person at MSNBC. Whatever her title, is a special kind of stupid. What is it about the name Wallace? She was commenting on the VP debate, and called Mike Pence’s performance, ” flaccid”: ” He just looked limp and lame”. There are 171,500 words in the English language, with roughly 9,500 derivative words. The average family dog has a vocabulary of between 150 and 200 words. My guess is that her vocabulary is just about on par with my schnauzer’s. Holy shit, where do these people come from.

SUSAN PAGE: Another infamous debate moderator, with a bias and an attitude. Don’t start labeling me as a misogynist over what I am about to say, because you know it’s true. These self righteous, pompous little women reporters, all look and sound alike, and have the same mindset. I know them when I see them, they have a special look. They all talk to people like they themselves are free of sin, and never committed even the smallest transgression. They’re judgmental tone of voice makes me want to vomit. You know who they are, I don’t have to name them. A perfect example of my point is the interview with Nick Sandman by Savannah Guthrie. Watch it and throw up.

The leftist culture is producing some of the most overbearing and obnoxious people to ever inhabit this earth. I don’t have a solution for the problem. It’s getting impossible to avoid them. If you don’t push back, it’s only going to get worse. Start pushing hard boys and girls.



  1. Eloquent is not a word I get to use often. Here you go, “eloquent.” I may just link this fine piece to several of my conservative friends and several of my liberal friends. First, I have to teach some of those living left to look beyond the pictures. Thank you.


  2. Yes these women give women a bad name. But you left out Hanoi Jane and her recent sick comment. I used to look up to Fonda but now she’s as fake as her facelift and boobs. You’re right, Kamala took a style page from Pocahontas with the black undershirt and jacket. She needs to class it up a bit if she wants to be president some day. But she failed in likability, just like Hillary. My husband who hadn’t watched her before, was so turned off by her smug demeanor, he couldn’t watch her. Hope others felt the same.


    1. The people in the Frank Lutz focus group, all, found her to be abrasive and condescending, and unlikable. I will never forget how she treated the young ICE agent in the Congressional hearings, Make me sick to my stomach.

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