A lot of things take form over time from accumulative effects. Nothing is as impressive as the stalagmites, and stalagtites, in subterranian wonderlands, such as Carlsbad Caverns. I have visited twice, and it’s a very impressive sight for sure. Societal changes happen in much the same way, slowly over time, one change at a time. If those changes are constructive, life gets better. Unfortunately, over the past sixty odd years, this has not been the case in America. Dark forces have been at work for a very long time, with little resistance.

In my opinion, the end of world war two was a passage of sorts. We often talk about pre war and post war events. But, I think there was also a pre war and post war attitude. The second world war was a massive undertaking by the western world. Eighty-five million people across the globe died as a result of that war, or 3% of the world population in 1940. I think it had a profound impact on the general attitude Americans and people in general. After the war, I believe younger Americans were eager to enter into a new world, and leave the old one behind.

Young people wanted a more free wheeling life, unrestricted by the social restraints of the previous generations. They were more open minded and eager to try new ideas. One of these new ideas was put forth in a book by Dr. Benjamin Spock. His book called ” The common sense book of baby and child care”. The book sold 500,000 copies in six months after it’s inititial publication in 1946. It sold a total of 50 million copies by the time of Spock’s death in 1998. By the late 1960’s Spock was facing massive critcism for encouraging a permissive parenting style. He was blamed for helping create the “counterculture” of the 1960’s. ( Wikipedia )

In my opinion, it is immeasurable, the impact this one man had on our society. In my time in elementary school, we lived in absolute fear that we would have to bend over and take a few “spats” from a legendary paddle that hung in the principles office. It was rumored, that the infamous paddle, had holes drilled in it to make it even more painful. I’m not sure if that paddle actually existed, I never saw it, but just the thought of it, was enough to make me think twice before doing somthing dumb.

The Dr. Spock believers would not allow that threat of their little darling’s behinds being “tanned”, so corporal punishment was outlawed in public schools. Couple that with little or no discipline at home, and it was all downhill from there. With the mere threat of punishment for acting stupid, no longer in play, discipline began to disappear. Young people, knowing they would not have to face responsibility for their actions, is the perfect recipe for out of control adults. We are now seeing thousands of those examples roaming the streets today, engaging in all forms of lawlessness. Rubbing salt in the wounds, are the leftist enemies of the state, not prosecuting them for their lawless activities. So, the beat goes on.

Not too long after Dr. Spock did his irreversible damage, another infamous character appeared on the national stage. Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founding President of the American Atheist’s. She is best known for the Murray v. Curlett lawsuit, which eventually resulted in prayer being banned in public schools. The organization eventually fell into chaos, and a former employee of the American Atheist’s murdered her and two others. There’s that Karma guy again. Now, without discipline, or religion in our public schools, our children are missing two very important building blocks of civilization.

When you read the Supreme Court ruling, they make it very clear that the intent was to prohibit the public schools from promoting religion as a government agency. They cited the First Amendment Establishment Clause. The court also stated that their decision did not prohibit students from engaging in prayer while on the premises, doing so of their own volition. So, I don’t find that hard to understand at all, you probably won’t either. Here’s the problem. This ruling was reached in 1962, 58 years ago. School board, and city officials make all sorts of decisions based on what they think the ruling was, not what it actually is. These folks have an agenda, and use the ruling as a way to get the desired results, when often they are dead wrong in the interpretation. The problem is, that no one takes the time to do the research on the subject, and they get away with it. So it’s just another slow drip, against religion. Ref: High school coach Joe Kennedy of Bremerton, Washington. Kennedy started kneeling in 15 seconds of prayer at the 50 yard line after each game. He was quickly joined by members of his team, and often by players of opposing teams. Everyone was engaging in prayer on their own volition, it was not a mandated school activity, also after regular school hours, and after a football game. The City of Bremerton fired Kennedy. He is currently fighting to be reinstated in his old job. In my opinion, the City of Bremerton acted incorrectly based on the 1962 Supreme Court ruling that I read. This is not an isolated incident, schools and cities around the country are doing this kind of stuff every day. If they had to fight it out in court every time they made one of these stupid decisions, it would stop.

The Democrats and the left have been openly undermining the traditional American family for years. The ultra liberal Hollywood crowd have been leading the way, by embracing single parenthood, as if it’s some sort of glorious lifestyle. Hollywood celebrities can afford to hire an entire staff to help raise thier children while they work. Jane Doe, the 18 year old server at Denny’s can’t even afford daycare, let alone a nanny. The best she can hope for, is a willing Granny. She is pretty much destined to live in poverty if she remains single. Her child, is very likely to end up in even worse shape than she’s in. Single parenthood is the beginning of a vicious circle, that rarely has a good ending.

Roe v. Wade, another jewel of a SCOTUS decision. There are so many things wrong with this practice, it’s almost impossible to find a starting place for discussion. The original ruling if I remember it correctly, the court ruled abortions were legal up to end of the third month. But, as always, once a law has been established, lawyers start looking for ways around it, through it, and under it. In my opinion, and I’m far from alone, life begins at conception. Aborting a child at any stage of pregnancy for reasons other than to save the mother’s life, is murder, period. We find our way back at the earlier discussion regarding consequences of your actions. Abortion is just another way to escape responsibility. However in this case, it’s taking an innocent life, to get relief of from a bad decision. Nearly 57 million babies have been violently murdered since the 1973 ruling, making abortion legal. The number of abortions in the U.S. only, is 2,900 per day, or 2.3 per minute. Several states now allow infanticide, killing a healthy, full term baby after delivery. This is the definition of insanity. What kind of woman is callous enough to allow her newly born child to be killed, actually giving permission for the so called doctors to do so. By the way, these people are not doctors, they are butchers. In my opinion, when society allows the murder of innocent babies, then the value of life in general is greatly diminished. During the current civil unrest, you have seen many examples of young people attacking senior citizens. The respect for life is beginning to slowly disappear. Unmitigated abortion is playing a large part in that, in my opinion.

These are just a few of the horrible attacks on our civilization and society. There are many more than I have time or space to enumerate. The Democrat leftist liberals never tire of chipping away at our way of life. What are they trying to achieve? What is the end game? What kind of world are they imagining. They say re-imagine policing? Why on earth would you want to make the world more dangerous than it already is? Truth be known, I don’t think they have a viable plan beyond the destruction of of our institutions. I have yet to see any Democrat, with the intelligence to create a new form of government. They just want to be in power, even if the world looks like the one depicted in the Mad Max movies. I have news for the Democrats. If you continue to travel down this path, your new second language is going to be Mandarin Chinese. Rage on fools.



  1. Another good one Ben. And this was the prayer that caused it all, how sad. B Botts

    “Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers and our Country.”


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