Climate Change is a wonderful thing for politicians. It is the unprovable, universal excuse that covers almost anything you can think of. You can blame the opposition party for virtually all of the world’s problems, if they aren’t aggressive enough, in your opinion, of combatting this elusive enemy.

The latest and most laughable example of this, is the towering genius of Jay Inslee, governor of the Peoples Republic of Washington State, blaming the Washington wild fires on climate change. The first thing you notice when you look at the fire maps, is that the fires stop at the Canadian border. Nice try bozo. Just one more example of an incredible display of overwhelming intelligence by Jay Inslee. This is the same guy that came up with the brilliant idea of separating families in different quarantine areas of the city, in temporary housing during the so called Covid crisis. That’s right, the state taking your children, and housing them apart from you, for an undetermined length of time, in the name of who knows what. But that’s not the scary part. They were going to send special police officers to your home and examine you for signs of Covid, if you showed signs, you had to agree to quarantine in your home for a certain number of days. If you resisted you would be arrested and you and your children would be separated and housed in these special barracks. Sounds a little like life under Stalin does it not? This crap has no place in the United States of America. When you put Democrats in power, you’re gambling with your freedom. Democrats really hate that “government of the people, by the people, for the people” thing.

I think it’s quite humorous that climate change started out as ” global warming “. Then after a couple of years of really severe winters, it became a joke. You’re standing at a bus stop, wrapped up in a parka that would make any Eskimo proud and your boots freeze to the pavement. You’re at the bus stop because your freaking car is buried in eight foot of snow. That makes global warming a pretty hard sell. Politicians being politicians, came up with the ” climate change ” phrase. Now it can be adapted to cover everything from hurricanes to bed bugs.

Because every natural disaster, and any number of other calamities, can be attributed to “climate change”, the politicians can now make the claim that they know what is causing this dastardly phenomenon, and all they need is more tax money to make it go away. Never mind that as close as any of these morons ever get to science is making ice cubes in the refrigerator. As a matter of fact, most politicians would be clueless as to how a thermos bottle knows how to keep hot things hot and cold things cold, without batteries or a cord to plug it in. But never mind, pay them another $50.00 per year on your auto license, they will fix it. ( just after they pay off the PERS deficit of $50 million dollars )

President Trump, God bless his soul, was smart enough, and had the balls to get the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord. What a joke. Why would anyone commit to spending billions of dollars on such nonsense? But then again, why not, it’s not their money, it’s yours. Did they ask you if they could donate billions of your tax dollars to a gigantic hoax? Hell no, they did it because it made them look like big shots on the world stage, while you’re getting screwed. That’s how these bozos operate. They give away your money, and get even richer because of the backflow of cash they get from the lobbyists, that wanna put windmills on virtually every square inch of the countryside. You know, those places where you used to take pictures when the sun was going down or coming up. All of those beautiful sunsets and sunrises are now filled with gigantic wind machines. By the way, the size of these things are amazing, especially if you’re in close proximity. Be really careful though, you might trip over a dead Condor or Eagle that was annihilated by a 250′ long propeller. If you killed one of these giant birds with a rifle, you would be fined and likely jailed. But hey, it’s OK with a windmill, it’s the greenie thing. They spent years saving these endangered birds, but that’s so yesterday. now we’re into killing the fossil fuels industry. If we can accomplish getting rid of fossil fuels, driving a few birds into extinction was well worth it.

These two are telling you the world is going to end in 12 years if they don’t enact the ” Green New Deal”. Look at these photos, and recall what you have heard these two say in the past. I can’t really add much more than this. Some people will vote for them with enthusiasm, which validates the old saying ” a sucker is born every minute”. Vote the right way, not the left way. God Bless the USA.


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