Do you ever stop for a moment and wonder ” what are they thinking “, when you hear Joe Biden talk about a Quartermaster in the Lingerie Dept.? Or Joe Biden having an interview with Cardi B, or any of the other crazy, whacko things he says and does? The Democrats could be running Elmer Fudd, it doesn’t matter. They plan on winning this election with mass deception, and an army of lawyers. A weak and fragile person like Joe Biden can be easily manipulated by the forces of the far left. They will conduct the nations business by committee.

They have been laying the groundwork for this for months. Just yesterday, a Chinese virologist appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, claiming that the Corona Virus was man made by the Chinese Military and unleashed on the world as part of a scheme. The exact scope of the scheme still unknown. However, if I was a betting man, I would wager it was nothing more than an effort to help the Democrats in their aspirations of power, and weaken the position of the USA on the world stage.

I think it’s worth noting that the Democrats are openly embracing Marxism, and Socialism. Which by the way, parallel the Chinese Communist ideology. Donald Trump’s foreign policies have been a huge stumbling block for China’s quest for world domination, and the Democrat’s quest for transforming this nation into a Socialist State. The Corona virus was released at the perfect moment in time to inflict maximum damage on Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. It was literally a grenade in the Western economy. The Democrats seized the moment, and used the virus to scare the hell out of everyone, convincing them to curtail normal activities. It’s hard to believe the Democrats and China are bedfellows in this scheme. Well, maybe not that hard.

Just to make things even more interesting, two other left wing organizations enter into the fray. Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Both are leftist, Marxist, domestic terror groups. Suddenly, out of nowhere, we are being told that racism, is an out of control mega monster, that must be crushed at all costs. Elementary schools now have text books declaring that the Caucasian race is evil, and must be subdued, driven from any position of power for the sake of humanity.

Government agencies have been pushing “Critical Race Theory”, which started under the Obama Administration. They have been doing this under the guise of “Diversity Training”. It’s nothing more, nothing less, than intense reverse discrimination. racism if you will, against white people. So, what is to be gained by inciting racial tensions to this degree? A huge division among the masses, discord among normally peaceful folks. Distrust of your neighbors. It’s a smokescreen, to allow the left to grab power, and convince everyone they can fix the problem they, themselves created.

The Democrats are using the Corona Virus to make you think it’s unsafe to vote in a traditional manner. In order to maintain public health safety, you must vote by mail. Voting by mail is opening the door to voter fraud at levels we have never seen before. If we vote by mail, and Donald Trump wins, the Democrats are going to surely contest the election with a virtual army of lawyers. They will drag the elections results out for months, most likely past the traditional inauguration day, causing mass chaos, resulting in the Speaker of the House assuming presidential powers. Imagine “nutty Nancy” in the oval. While we are on this subject, how is standing in line at Walmart, different than standing in line at a polling place? More pure bullshit propaganda.

While all of this is going on, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, are going to be reigning terror in the streets. You aint seen nothing yet, when it comes to the mayhem they have planned for your city. This could very well end up being a very bloody civil war.

Who would have ever imagined that the Democrat party, would end up being America’s number one enemy? If you haven’t reached that conclusion yet, you’re not paying attention. Even if the election goes wildly in Trump’s favor, and the results are indisputable, don’t expect the left to lay down and be quiet. Unless Donald Trump invokes martial law, there will by mass rioting, looting and destruction. This revolt must be crushed with an iron fist, once and for all. It is not a just revolution, it is backed by evil forces, inside and outside of our borders. Stay strong, and true to the RED, WHITE, and BLUE. Your freedom depends on your willingness to fight for it.



  1. I’m glad you mentioned reverse racism. I wrote about this subject two years ago and took so much heat I had to delete the blog. And that was before the racism riots. It does exist and is going to get worse. Keep at it. People need to know the truth. Hope everyone votes in person and for Trump.


    1. Two extremely dangerous programs being pushed at the moment, Critical Race Theory, and the 1619 Project. Both aimed at destroying any and all credibility of the white race. The CRT programs have proliferated the Federal and State governments. It started under the Obama Admin. 1619 is a total scam, the originator even admitted it. But that is not stopping liberal school districts from teaching this pure garbage. It’s a racial assault, the likes I have never seen. Sad day in America.


  2. Just a side note: I trash talk China on a regular basis. They pick up every blog that contains the word China. Within two minutes of posting my blog, I had two hits in Communist China. China is more dangerous than anyone imagines.

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