Putting on riots every day for almost four months is a costly operation. You have to pay for pallets of bricks, frozen bottles of water, car loads of baseball bats, transportation to move all of those folks and gear from one riot to another. Plus, getting the sorry ass rioters out of jail, by paying thousands of dollars in bail. Then you have the cost of the accelerant to start fires to burn buildings, and of course all of the commercial grade fireworks, and lasers. One of the ANTIFA geniuses known as “commander red” was arrested in possession of a military grade flame thrower. Oh, and a side note, when they arrested “commander red”, he fell to the ground in a fetal position and started crying. This is consistent with the ANTIFA twerps I have seen arrested before, their bravery is in large numbers armed with clubs and pointy things.

So, journalistic investigators, ( not CNN, CBS, NBC folks ) have uncovered the source of the money….Black Visions Collective. They aren’t exactly a covert operation, they are totally in the open, visit their web page and you can see who they are and their mission statement. But make no mistake, they are the money and brains behind the riots. BVC raised 20 million dollars in just a matter days after George Floyd died in Police custody. They are of course associated with Black Lives Matter. Some very big names, in politics ( Democrats of course ) and the entertainment industry pump millions of dollars into the organization through contributions. Kamala Harris and the Biden Campaign workers contributed heavily to their operation to spring the rioters after they were arrested for petty stuff, like arson, assaulting police officers, and citizens. Not to mention destruction of public and private property. Another little item I noticed, since I have been in the construction industry my entire life, was the sophisticated straps and ropes they used to pull down the statues, not to mention the battery operated saws and drills. Not exactly things that someone brings to a riot.

In case you haven’t come to grips with this whole thing yet, or maybe you just don’t want to let this get in the way of your next campout or golf game, these folks only have one goal, overthrowing the United States Government. They envision the United States as being a Socialist State. What they are too stupid to realize, is that if that happens, and it could, they are going to find themselves at the very bottom of the pile. The people that end up on the top of the pile, are going to be the very same ones that are on the top of the pile right now. There was a study back in the 60’s that said, if you were to take all of the wealth in the world and distribute in evenly among the population, the same ones that control it now, will control it again within two months. Socialism doesn’t work for the masses, never has, never will. You still end up with a small group of people controlling the wealth, end everyone else gets what’s left over, which is never very much.


So, if you don’t want to see your life get really bad, and you really like the place where you live, and the cars you drive, and being able to hang with your buds at the local watering hole. Get off your asses and start working to hold on to everything you worked for your whole life. This means getting Trump re-elected, and take the house and senate by big margins. By the way, send a strong message to your federal and state lawmakers, you aren’t going to stand for across the board mail in voting.


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