Do you have any idea what your children are being taught? Do you think teaching children about race should even be a topic? The left somehow along the way, decided that when you sent your child to public school, you gave up your stewardship and parental rights. That has became increasingly more apparent in the last few decades. I was shocked to hear the stories my Grandchildren told back in the nineties, and believe me that was child’s play compared to today.

I read a story recently that took place in the state of Georgia. A white family was having a discussion about Black Lives Matter. The parents were not on board with what BLM was doing, and their message. The fifteen year old daughter went ballistic, telling the parents she hated them and ran out of the house. Where do you think she learned that? You can bet your sweet ass, her public school teachers drummed that propaganda into her head, to the point, she turned on her own family.

Don’t you find it odd that so many young white people have joined with BLM and are fomenting violence and hatred against older white folk? Yep, they were indoctrinated in our public schools. We are paying teachers in public schools to turn our own children against us. We have let the left dominate our school boards, and the unions dominate our teachers. The results are not pretty. We are allowing the public schools to turn our children against their own families and nation.

You probably would have never been aware of this if not for the Covid-19 virus. Now that teachers are communicating with students via computers, suddenly, their dirty deeds are out there for anyone to see, that happens to be in the room with the student. Some school districts have even had the audacity to try and restrict the parents from eves dropping on the lessons. They had some lame excuse that it would expose the privacy of other students. Did they really think anyone would buy that crap? Students don’t have rights to privacy in public schools. For a shocking expose’ of how far this has gone click on the link below.–here-are-the-leaked-documents-detailing-how-blm-hijacked-our-schools

They are literally teaching this stuff in the LA Unified School District, and God knows where else.

It is absolutely imperative that conservatives start demanding that public schools refrain from social engineering ventures, and start steering their energy toward academics. Our schools and students are not meeting the goals to keep this nation on the cutting edge, to compete on the world stage. Our public schools are a joke. The left is more worried about political domination, than giving our students a good education. Start turning on the pressure.


3 thoughts on “CLASSROOM WARFARE

  1. I didn’t really realize this until my daughter was entering 10th grade. I feel like I lived at the school in K – 2nd grade with volunteering/ being asked to help, but after that, they wanted the kids “to be more responsible.” No parents anymore.

    (I keep typing a lot and deleting personal experiences).

    If you are able and willing to take control of your children’s education, please do!!


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I am really very concerned about our grandchildren and great grandchildren’s future. I’m old, and my life is nearing the end but we can’t let the left rip this country out of their hands. We need to fight any way possible to keep this from happening. Thanks again, have a great week.


  2. You are so sweet! I am now following you; I’m relatively new to Word Press, and it isn’t my friend, so far! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    I do agree… We cannot afford (in any sense) for President Trump not to win this election. It is the life or the death of America.

    I am praying!

    If you don’t know about or otherwise known as the Last Refuge, and you’d like to explore solid research, or just read/ chat with other Trump surporters… You’ll never find a better place!

    Blessings to you!


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