The Democrats have systematically destroyed a once beautiful state. They have given it away to illegal aliens over the past 60 odd years, with the plan to create a permanent Democrat Party controlled state. The Democrats have plundered the wealth of the Golden State to the point it’s once well deserved nickname is now a thing of the past. Hispanic immigrants now make up 40% of the overall population. According to Pew Research, illegals make up 20% of that number. Admittedly, Hispanics are very industrious folks, but are slow to assimilate, holding on to their native country’s language and culture. This always causes animosity between races, and creates segregated neighborhoods that allows crime to flourish. 48% of California homes now speak a foreign language. This is the perfect scenario for the Democrats, it creates divisions in the population and makes it easier for them to dominate the political landscape. California has the highest poverty rate in the United States. California spent 958 billion dollars on welfare from 1992 to 2015. In essence, the California taxpayer is paying for Democrat votes. One in four Californians lives below the poverty line. Do you really think these people are going to vote against their benefactor. There is an old saying that goes “where California leads, the rest of the nation will follow” let’s hope that only applies to clothing trends.

California is one of eight states with the highest number of illegal aliens. The chart below shows the most concentrated areas.

I’m certainly not against immigration, I’m against illegal immigration, for a whole host of reasons. Legal immigration based on the merit system is absolutely a plus. There are thousands and thousands of people around the world with great educations that are highly skilled, that will be a huge positive influence on our nation. On the other hand, illegal immigrants that are poorly educated, without skills are not a positive influence. They perpetuate a never ending welfare state. They also drive down wages for American workers, many of them other Hispanics that are here legally. They put an extra burden on schools when they can’t speak English. They can’t afford healthcare insurance, and they know they can’t be denied medical care, so they end up going to hospital emergency rooms for care. This overburdens the emergency room doctors and hinders the real purpose of emergency rooms. I know this to be a fact, I have witnessed it with my own eyes. I happen to know Spanish speaking immigrants that have lived here for decades, and are still not proficient in English. This is another burden on businesses and government agencies that have to hire bi-lingual people just to provide service for these folks, when they could in fact make the effort to learn English. All of this is nonsense is the product of spineless politicians, pandering for votes, who won’t make English the National Language.

Another issue that no one seems to want to talk about, is the fact that Mexico and Central America, have weak and corrupt governments. Bribery of public officials and police officers are a way of life. Drug cartels rule large portions of these countries by terror tactics, often killing anyone that they deem dangerous to their dominance. People who grow up in this environment, and know nothing else, are not going to make the best U.S. Citizens, I don’t care what anyone says. Gang members such as MS13 cross the borders at will, and reign terror in poor immigrant neighborhoods in the USA. Just one more burden for the law enforcement folks to deal with. Unmitigated illegal immigration, is extremely detrimental to the social fabric of this nation, or any other nation for that matter. All nations must have immigration quotas, to allow time for the new citizens to assimilate and take their place in society, and maintain the national culture. France for instance, allowed so many Muslim immigrants to flood their country, there are now Muslim only areas. The same thing is happening in England. The goal is to have immigrants become part of the general community, not create a foreign settlement in the host nation. This does not bode well for anyone.

You may be shocked to know how many “sanctuary cities” exist in the United States. These are cities that offer sanctuary to illegal aliens. I have given this practice a lot of thought over the past few years and cannot come up with any rational reason for doing this other than to create political dominance. It does absolutely nothing to promote the American way of life, it is in fact, anti American. The states with the most sanctuary cities are California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Ohio, and all Northeastern states. Not surprisingly, these are states and cities, ran by democrats. It couldn’t be more obvious that this practice is the product of a leftist agenda, and it is greatly harming our nation, and the safety of our citizens. When you couple sanctuary cities, and far left prosecutors that refuse to punish criminals, or set them free without bail, it is a recipe for innocent people to be hurt or killed. I simply fail to understand the rationale behind these actions. It goes against every natural instinct for the preservation of yourself, and your neighbors.

Left wing socialist policies must be defeated. They are a cancer growing in our nation that must be excised sooner than later. The longer these morons are allowed to harbor illegal aliens in our cities, and shield them from deportation, the worse the living conditions are going to get. Quite frankly, this has been going on for so long, and in so many cities, county’s and states, I’m not sure it’s reversible. Pew Research is still claiming the number of illegal aliens is around eleven million. A large University has placed the real number at 22 to 30 million. They may not be able to vote, but if the Democrats get their way, and allow them to counted in the census, it will result in more Democrats in the House of Representatives. Make no mistake about this, illegal aliens are here in great numbers, because the Democrats benefit in any number of ways. If it makes your life worse, or your neighborhood more dangerous, it’s not problem for Chuck and Nancy. You will never see any seedy characters in their neighborhoods where private security guards are on duty round the clock, every single day. They’re only minutes away at the sign of trouble. Chuck and Nancy don’t really give a damn about your life and your community, you need to remember that always.

The ideological differences between the two political parties has never been greater. Donald J. Trump is responsible for that, because for the first time in decades, we have someone in the White House that really cares about America, and keeping her glorious spirit alive. For far too long, both the Republicans and the Democrats were just riding the gravy train, maintaining the status quo. Allowing foreign governments to rip us off in bad trade deals, and the neocons were keeping us in stupid endless wars. Why should they care, the taxpayers would pick up the bill, it wasn’t their money. Donald Trump pulled back the curtain, and now everyone, has been able to see the graft and corruption, that’s why they hate him. That’s precisely why we need him in the White House for another four years. We also need to boot the Democrats out of the House of Representatives.


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