Good ol’ Gavin Newsome. If his brain only worked as good as he looks. Gavin is one of those examples of numerous products that we have all purchased in our lives, that look fantastic. Even the packaging is top notch, you can’t hardly contain yourself long enough to unbox it. Then, when you try using the chrome plated high gloss product that you paid way too much for, you immediately realize you’ve been screwed. Yep, that’s Newsome. We have a governor here in Oregon that is equally as dumb as good ol’ Gavin, but at least she looks the part. She doesn’t disappoint you.

Gavin has the reputation for total disrespect for the law. While he was the Mayor of San Francisco, he pretty much acted like a tin horn dictator, did whatever he damn well pleased. I will write more about that some day. Right now, I want to focus on his performance as governor of California. I resided in California for a little over thirty years, so before you start throwing daggers over what I say, I’m more than qualified to criticize. It wouldn’t matter, I’m gonna to say it anyway.

California was a beautiful place, nobody would ever contest that. It’s a place that had everything going for it, beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes, lot’s of black and yellow gold. Unfortunately, all of those items I just listed were irresistible, people flocked to California by the millions. But slowly, over the years, the leftist nuts, started gaining political power, and ruined a magnificent state. But make no mistake, none of those prior leftist governors, not even “moon beam” Jerry Brown, can hold a candle to this loser. Put Newsome and Garcetti together, that’s a duo that could only come from hell.

I’m going to skip the monumental social problems Californians face, and instead address the state’s sophomoric ideas about electrical power. I think all of my readers can agree that having adequate electrical power is kind of a big deal. It’s been around forever, and very dependable, so we have come to depend on it. Having adequate electrical power can save your life in several different ways, and it can also make your life much more comfortable. But, having dependable electrical power in California is getting a little sketchy. It started way back in the days of Gray Davis.

Why is this happening? To cut through all of the B.S. and excuses being floated by experts, it’s really nothing more than very poor management, of a very important utility. Newsome is about to make it even worse. Click on the link below for an in depth look at what’s really happening.

Sadly my friends, Gavin Newsome is one of many Democrats today that are floating this craziness. They are part of what my friend calls the ” Butterfly and Rainbow” generation. When he said this, I told him he left out Unicorns. I’m not really sure where the younger generations got these ideas, maybe from watching too much Disney propaganda? I’m not sure if it has really registered in your brain yet, but the animated kiddie movies are loaded with social messages. The famous Walt Disney movie “Bambi” was very anti hunting and guns. ( Another topic for another blog. )

So to summarize, good ol’ Gavin plans on outlawing the sales of internal combustion engine cars and trucks by 2035, while simultaneously decommissioning conventional power generating stations. This is going to increase the electrical demand a thousand fold. So, southern California solved their water shortage by stealing northern California’s water. Who are they going to steal their electricity from? Asking for a friend. Californians don’t need to look at Oregon, we have our own crop of idiots that are planning the same damn thing. ( I got it, Mexico. The Mexicans would gladly build coal powered generators and sell the power to the dumb ass gringos. ) Ain’t life great?



  1. Having been an Airline Pilot and Utility Worker ..

    I applied for a job at SMUD (as a Grid Dispatcher) years ago .. jumped thru multiple tests and an interview.

    Only to be cast aside for the rainbow, butterfly and unicorn.

    GOD did me a favor!

    I may not every get a taste of what the old Cali had to offer .. but neither will anyone else.


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