When an individual or group of individuals unveils a plan of action, be it big or small, they are trying to affect an outcome, that is desirable for the cause. They have an end game. Abolishing police is not going to have a desirable outcome for anyone other than criminals. So what exactly, do the Democrats have in mind with such a ludicrous agenda? The Democrat constituency is just as much at risk of falling prey to criminal activity as Republicans, so why on earth would you risk putting your own people in danger?

So, let’s assume for the sake of discussion, that this is all nothing more than an effort to create mayhem and chaos to affect the election. The Democrats hoping it will somehow ruin Trump’s chances of being re-elected. Let’s assume for a moment that it works, and the Democrats are once again in power. Since this whole “defund the police” movement started, it has amazingly gained traction, in some of the nations larger cities. The recent shootings, robberies, rapes and pillaging, are clearly the result of these actions. Will the Democrats be able to magically turn a switch. and stop all of the carnage in February, 2021? Do they send out memo’s to the residents in the inner cities and tell them the party’s over? Does Black Lives Matter and Antifa, go into hibernation for another four years? I think the most terrifying aspect of this, is that the Democrats attempt to use this coalition of bad actors and thugs to usher in Socialism by force. That in fact will result in a civil war, in which no one is safe. If a civil war ensues, the Federal government will have no choice except intervene. The big question is, will they side with the conservatives or the Democrat thugs. Either way, you can kiss the Second Amendment goodbye. They will disarm the general public to quell the violence.

So, perhaps through the method of deduction, I have stumbled onto the plan. If the Democrats can preside over a civil war, they can very effectively and easily, transform the country into a one party system. That system obviously being full blown socialism. If that happens, China will rule this country in ten years. There isn’t a single Democrat I have ever seen, that has the intelligence to go “toe to toe” with China. I wonder what the yearly salary of an NBA or NFL player will be then?

When I stand before that glorious red white and blue banner, and pledge allegiance to it, and what it stands for, those words are from my heart. I feel both pain, and gratitude for all of those great patriots that died in it’s defense. It makes me sad that a major portion of the leaders of this nation are lying when they recite those words. They only care about their personal enrichment.

Do everything you are capable of to make sure the Republicans maintain the White House, the Senate, and retake the House. Our Republic is in peril. Please take it seriously.


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