The Democrats are making an attempt to turn this country into a socialist hell hole. De Blasio has already succeeded in turning New York City into a crime ridden shit hole. Ted Wheeler is doing everything he can, to do the same to Portland, Oregon. Jenny Durkan is ravaging Seattle, when she’s finished the once gorgeous Emerald City will by in ruins. The dynamic duo of Gavin Newsome and Eric Garcetti, will turn the once spectacular state of California into Bangladesh. Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan appears to have declared herself the sole ruler of Michigan, much like Kate Brown of Oregon. These people have one thing in common, besides being Democrats, they could care less what the citizens want, they are going to ride roughshod over everyone. They don’t even try to conceal it. They may as well call a news conference, stand before the camera, and flip you the bird. It’s obvious that’s the way they feel about you. They are openly as much as saying, “go to hell,” you can stick your Bill of Rights where the sun don’t shine. They are hiding behind the overblown Covid crisis as they strip away your precious freedoms that were fought for by thousands of patriots, many of them died preserving this gift from God. Are we really going to let some tin horn political ideolog take away our freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution?

Every single Democrat lawmaker, governor and mayor that stands by and says nothing while the mobs destroy our cities and towns, are guilty of treason. Every Democrat that utters the words “defund the police” are guilty of treason. They are attempting to destroy the barrier between the law abiding citizens and criminal predators. Do these IQ challenged idiots think that criminals are going to ask you which political party you support before they rob you, rape you and maybe kill you and your family? Anyone that thinks diminishing the number of police is a good thing, are living in some sort of alternate universe.

The Democrats are like a pack of wild dogs, ripping and tearing apart everything in their paths. Make no mistake, they are in a full blown battle to overthrow the current government, and turn it into who knows what. I can guarantee one thing, whatever it is, you ain’t gonna like it. Everything you have worked for your whole damn life, is going to taken away from you. Everything will belong to the government, including you. If you want a preview, take a look at Venezuela, or Cuba. Venezuela was once an economic powerhouse, now people are starving, can’t even buy toilet paper. The asshole President ain’t starving, he’s as fat as ever. Do you think the Castro brothers live in squalor like the Cuban people do? Hell no, they live in mansions with servants and the best money can buy. Kim Jon Un eats Maine lobster while his people starve, and their bodies are riddled with disease.

The first step in fighting back is to vote the Democrats out of office, strip them of their power to lord over you. Then keep them out of power until we get our country stabilized once again. We have a ‘to do” list a couple of miles long. The first item on the list should be to purge the anti American assholes out of our colleges and universities. Then purge the commie pinkos out of our K-12 school system. Throw out the corrupt teachers unions. Clean up the curriculum in our school systems, clean out the trash they are teaching our kids. Teach our kids about the goodness of this country, stop tearing it down.

Start fighting back today, support the Republican party, it ain’t perfect, but it’s the only chance we have of saving our country. Once we get the Republicans back in power, start culling out the ones that aren’t true to the cause. There are a lot of fake Republicans. If they sound like John McCain and Mitt Romney, they’re fake. Get rid of them. Stay strong and keep the faith.


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