All Americans should embrace the First Amendment with vigor. We should protect it with all of our strength, both mentally and physically. It is the anchor point of our freedoms. It is being seriously eroded by some very powerful and evil people.

The left, Democrats, liberals, whatever you choose to call them, are setting themselves up as the arbiters of speech. No individual or group of individuals have the right to do that. As long as the Bill of Rights stands as part of the framework of our Republic, nobody, can mitigate your speech, period.

Colleges and Universities have become the tip of the spear for eliminating free speech. They have successfully convinced a huge number of students that free speech is bad. Expression of ideas and opinions have been pretty much banned at most major universities, unless the ideas and opinions align with the leftist point of view. The obvious rub, is that these same institutions take tax dollars, and government grants. Therefore they need to follow the Constitutional law. University campuses are not sovereign states, they are in fact subject to both Federal and State laws and need to start obeying the laws, and stop banning freedom of speech. They have no license to negate the laws. When someone tells you hate speech should be against the law, you should be very concerned about that persons motives.

While I’m on the subject of hate speech, I have seen and heard a lot of hate speech lately. All of it directed toward white people. CNN is one of the biggest purveyors of anti white rhetoric. It wasn’t that long ago when I saw TV news crews rushing out to cover a story about someone spray painting a swastika on someone’s garage door, or the front of a church building. In the riot torn cities around the US, graffiti is covering every vertical surface available, the prevalent message is hate speech directed at white people. Messages like, “kill all white people” seen that one a lot. ” White people are dogs”, ” kill all cops”. I don’t think anyone can deny the fact that these people are filled with hate. What is overwhelmingly obvious, is no one, not one single TV news person has expressed a single word of concern about this level of hatred directed at a particular race of people. The main stream media is in fact stoking the flames of racism and hatred every single day.

While the left, and the main stream media are harping on the right for being racist’s and haters, they condone the rioting, and looting as peaceful protests against racism. Meanwhile, the rioters are destroying statues and monuments of our white ancestors along with spray painting anti white slogans on anything left standing. I don’t think anyone with any level of intelligence would disagree that the act of rioting is in itself is an act of hate. Smashing things, burning buildings and cars, is not something done to show affection. Those things are done because they hate the people they perceive as the owners and creators of those items.

Anyone that has been watching the events that I have described above, now fully understands the left is willing to resort to violence in order to achieve their goals of total domination of society. The left wants to be able to police your thoughts and speech, so as not to impede their march to total control over your actions. All you have to do is take a look at modern China The government has total and complete control over it’s citizens. Unbelievably, they are exerting their control over Hollywood film makers, the National Basketball Association, along and big tech companies, that are partnering with China on various projects in China. Chinese citizens who speak out against the Chinese government, mysteriously disappear. We saw that with our own eyes when Chinese doctors said too much about Covid 19 outbreak, and they were sent on permanent vacations.

The Democrat dream, is to not allow dissenting speech period. Their dream is a one party system without those pesky documents that give people their so called ” inalienable rights”. When people are able to enter into a free exchange of ideas, that could go badly for tyrants. People that want to ban hate speech, really want to ban speech they hate. Remember that.

There is something going right now that should have you very concerned. You should be writing to your congressmen and women demanding they do something about it. The social media platforms, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others are engaging in censorship of conservative voices. This is a very serious matter and needs to be dealt with. Republicans, the ones that are supposed to be watching over this kind of stuff, have been turning a blind eye to the problem. Mike Lee of Utah, could be a pivotal voice in this problem, and he is remaining neutral. Has be been bought by big tech?

Just saw this story on Fox News, Breaking News internet feed this morning. Steel Pencil does not condone the behavior of these two perps, but the story makes my point perfectly about the racism issue becoming very one sided.

This past Friday, two individuals ( white man and woman ) were arrested in Torrance, California for vandalism and committing a hate crime. The victims, a black man ( driver ) and a Hispanic woman ( passenger ) were stopped at a red light. The white couple pulled in front of them, blocking their car, and got out of their truck. The white woman shouting ” white lives matter,” and the man shouting “white power.” As the victims drove away, the white man allegedly smashed their car with a shovel.

My opinion: These individuals were total strangers. I’m just guessing here, but I would suspect that the victims identified themselves with ” Black Lives Matter ” emblazoned on their automobile, which enraged the two white folks. While the actions of the white couple are in no way justified, I have seen countless vehicles totally destroyed and incinerated, white people beaten and killed, buildings spray painted with hate filled slogans, and no arrests for hate crimes or vandalism are being reported. As a matter of fact, nothing is more racially inflammatory than a giant street mural stating ” Black Lives Matter.” California being California, my guess is that the D.A. for Torrance is a Black Lives Matter leftie, and jumped at the chance to charge these two individuals with the maximum penalties under the law. The law is not being applied equally, sometimes not a all. Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington being perfect examples.

This is not exactly breaking news, but the Black Lives Matter organization is undeniably linked to the Democrat Party. It has been reported that donations to BLM go directly to the DNC. This is not at all surprising as the Democrat motto is to “divide and conquer”. BLM has been one of the most racially divisive organizations ever created. Which by the way, was by design.

The current social upheaval you are witnessing has a lot of moving parts, engineered by some very clever minds. They are attacking America on many different fronts, including the first and second amendments, racial division, law enforcement, and the economy, thanks to a virus that is being hyped into a pandemic, when it is in reality, no worse than most strains of influenza. The socialists are betting on this being the right time to overthrow and reform the entire United States government. The Democrats have a presidential candidate that clearly has some very serious cognitive issues, being influenced and pushed by “Bolshevik Bernie” at his side. The other Democrats are circling around like vultures hoping to feed on the left over power if “clueless Joe” should be elected. There are a lot of vulgar phrases that come to mind, to describe what a Biden presidency would be like, I will let you assign your own.

Do not rest on your laurels, this election is incredibly important for the preservation of our Republic. Vote Republican, encourage your friends and family to vote Republican. Save our Nation.



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