I see the bad moon a-rising, I see trouble on the way, I see earthquakes and lightnin’, I see bad times today.

Hope you got your things together, Hope you are quite prepared to die. Looks like we’re in for nasty weather. One eye is taken for an eye.

Well, don’t go around tonight. Well it’s bound to take your life. There’s a bad moon on the rise.

Those are partial lyrics from a song by Credence Clearwater Revival, on the album Green River, released in 1969. Written by John Fogerty, and it just happens to be very appropriate for what is happening today, in 2020.

The left has cast a dark and evil cloud over this beautiful nation of freedom. They are hell bent on it’s destruction, and reshaping into something you will never recognize. They are drunk with the quest for power, and have unleashed thousands of their minions in cities across America to accomplish this sinister plan.

What they have accomplished, is very clever. They have managed to virtually erase racism on one side and simultaneously create it on the other. For years, they have drilled anti racist messages into the heads of white people, and the white people have complied very well. While doing this, they have convinced the black population that all of their problems are the result of systemic racism practiced by whites. The results are manifested in blacks acting out against what they perceive as white priveledge. Suddenly, white people are the brunt of racist acts, that would have resulted in themselves being arrested and jailed, and charged with a hate crime. The young recently indoctrinated white people, I substituted indoctrinated for graduated, that are immersed in shame for their whiteness, joined their black brothers and sisters in the fight.

In order for the plan to be carried out with the least amount of interruption, the left has successfully painted the police as a bigger part of the problem, and rendered them all but useless in maintaining law and order. It is the perfect plan for unmitigated chaos.

It turns out that the left, has a lot of allies in this evil quest. These forces have been around, lurking beneath the surface for years, just waiting on the chance the strike. The Democrats are at last giving them that opportunity. Believe it or not, socialists, communists, and Marxists, are in abundance right in your cities and towns. New York City’s mayor openly supports a communist form of socialism, and has been active in supporting communist governments in Central America. Our colleges and universities are largely responsible for keeping this ideology alive and well.

I think a lot of folks are asking, why isn’t something being done to stop this? I know this is a common question being asked by the people I hang with. It’s pretty simple really, this stuff is going on the Democrat ran cities. The Democrats are betting on all of this chaos, ruining Trump’s chances for re-election. However, in my opinion, the Democrats have a larger problem than they realize. Once you allow these demons to run free for months on end, they are not going to go back into their dungeons voluntarily. The mayor of Portland got a little taste of that last week when he made his cameo appearance and was hissed, booed and pelted with missiles. Wait a minute, good ol’ Ted has been on Antifa’s side for years, how could they turn on him? Don’t kid yourself, the Democrat leaders will be first on the list to be “drawn and quartered”, in a full blown take over. These people want power for themselves, they are not about to allow the present leaders to remain in power. Read your history books, Democrats are skating on very thin ice. Take notice of the actions of AOC, in promoting new far left candidates, throwing out the old guard they deem as too moderate. They are on the move baby, pay attention.

I have said this again and again. The left cares nothing about you, the everyday American, that gets up and goes to work everyday and obeys the laws. This past weekend, the police chief in Seattle, told the citizens, they were on their own. The police were simply stretched too thin to be able to serve the general public. So, Jenny Durkan ( affectionately known in Seattle as ” Jenny Dumbfuck “) has made the decision to sacrifice the safety of Seattle’s law abiding citizens in order to allow the rioters to destroy a beautiful city, that was literally rebuilt in the nineties and early 2000’s. When the chief of police tells citizens “they are on their own”, it’s sending a very clear message to criminals that they are free to ply their trade. The Police chief is obviously on the same intelligence level as the mayor.

I have thought about this upheaval a lot in the past two weeks, and the dire consequences that it can have if not reigned in. It is going to take brute force, with large numbers of enforcers. The local police forces will not be able to amass enough man power and/or equipment. This is ultimately going to result in the president invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807. United States military personnel and equipment will be deployed to every major city that is under siege, and law and order will be restored. The penalties for insurrection are fairly harsh with a fine and imprisonment for not more than ten years. In my opinion, unless the rioters just pack up and go back under their respective rocks, martial law is going to be inevitable. It is going to be absolutely imperative for the restoration of law and order.

Re-electing Donald J. Trump, is our only hope for the preservation of our Republic. Don’t fall for the lies of the Democrats, they are the enemies of the state. So, do everything possible to help him win a second term. Your future is at stake.


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