I would wager that this poor brainwashed moron, has no idea who Matthias Baldwin was in real life. Someone has convinced this poor brainless woman that all statues are evil representations of a tyrannical society that preys on minorities. Matthias Baldwin was an activist that fought against slavery for at least thirty years before it’s abolition. He built a school for black children with his own money, and paid the teachers out of his own pocket for years. Matthias Baldwin was a true patriot and friend of underprivileged black Americans.

I hear this question being asked everyday by smart people , saying we don’t understand why they are damaging and destroying statues of people that were actually instrumental in the advancement of people of color. These people asking this question, haven’t taken the time to really understand what is happening. This has nothing to do with civil rights, or making anyone’s lives better, it’s about a power grab, it’s a revolution in it’s infancy. Take the time to read the history of the peoples revolution in China. The following is a manifesto by the Red Guard;

Chairman Mao has defined our future as an armed revolutionary youth organization…so if Chairman Mao is our Red Commander-in-chief and we are this Red Guards, who can stop us? First we will make China Maoists from inside out, and then we will help the working people of other countries make the world red, and then the whole universe.

Part of their strategy of accomplishing these goals were to destroy all evidence of the societies that came before them, erasing every symbol of their cultures. Mao’s orders to the Red Guard was to eliminate anyone that they felt, were not on board with the revolution. They would often take people they suspected as being part of the old guard and accuse them of various crimes and then torture them in front of large crowds until they confessed. If the person was a well known public figure, it drew huge crowds. In essence ” mob rule ” being instigated by a central command. Prominent Chinese families were targeted and routed out of their homes. Their homes were burned to the ground along with genealogical records of their families that dated back hundreds of years. They didn’t rest until virtually all traces of the past had been erased. This is the plan of the people in our streets today. If this isn’t stopped soon, it will be too late.

So, for all of you folks that haven’t came to terms with this yet, I would advise you to do so quickly. This stuff happens fast, and grows like a wildfire. Haven’t you asked yourself, why are the rioters not giving up? They aren’t giving up, because they are being funded by someone with money and a plan, a very sinister plan. Soldiers don’t act on their own, they receive orders from a central command. An army without leaders is not going to accomplish anything. Every group of insurgents has someone behind the scenes giving orders. Do you really think that pallets of bricks and frozen water bottles just magically appear in riot zones? Do you think that someone on the spur of the moment decided to drop of a load of baseball bats in downtown New York City? Maybe they were cleaning out their garage and just needed to get rid of them. Yeah, right. Not a lot of people think about this in any depth, and that my friends is exactly what the enemy is counting on.

I don’t blame people for not taking this seriously, l mean it is after all the United States of America. This kind of stuff happens in other countries, not the USA. Wake up folks you’re about to be punked by a throng of punks. These people have been brainwashed and fed revolutionary ideas right here at home in our colleges and universities. Worst of all, you paid for it. The FBI should have been looking at the unamerican activities on major college campuses long ago, instead of harassing people like Randy Weaver, and chasing false Russian conspiracies. They could have prevented this. Breeding revolutionaries in our own institutions of higher learning, is nothing short of treasonous and an educational travesty. College professors that teach this kind of garbage should be fired and banned from teaching. A really good place to start would be to defund the University of California, and turn the buildings into homeless shelters. While they are at it, they should put Gavin Newsome up in a Motel Six, and turn the governors mansion into a homeless shelter.

The really sad part of this story is that the main stream media are on board with the rioters and the far left factions of the Democrats, so you can’t really get straight reporting about what is going on. How involved is the FBI and The DOJ? It is after all the duty of the FBI to protect the homeland against domestic threats is it not? Wouldn’t you like to know what they are doing? You get small bits and pieces on Fox, but nothing substantial. The last I heard, they are reporting over 200 arrests for a multitude of crimes. So, I’m concerned about the zeal with which the Feds are pursuing these lawbreakers. I think all Americans that are concerned about public safety, are asking why isn’t more being done to quell the riots and destruction. We all know that most of the riots are happening in Democrat controlled cities, so obviously the mayors are OK with allowing the mayhem to continue. The burning question, ( pun intended ) is, are the end results going to be what these lefty mayors and governors had hoped for.

Another important question. If the Democrat party is willing to inflict this much pain and suffering, and collateral damage to win an election, what are they willing to do if they do regain power? I think we can all agree that the Democrat party has now established itself as an enemy of the Republic. It’s not a surprise to people that have been observing the Democrats closely for the past thirty years. All of us knew where it was heading. We have arrived at the day of reckoning.



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