De Blasio Unmasked


I think it’s important to know exactly where De Blasio’s roots lie. He was born as Warren Wilhelm Jr. His father and mother, Warren and Maria both Democrat party activists, were fired from their government jobs for suspected ties to the communist party. His father was a WWII veteran, and lost his leg below the knee when he stepped on a grenade. He later died of lung cancer and alcoholism. His mother and father divorced when he was young and was raised by his mother and her family, the De Blasio’s. He took his mothers maiden name as his own surname in 2001. I suspect the name change was an attempt to conceal his activities in his younger years as an activist for the Sandinistas in Nicaragua during the Reagan years.

Bill De Blasio became an ardent supporter of the Nicaraguan revolutionaries. He helped raise funds for the Sandinistas in New York and subscribed to the party’s newspaper, Barricada, or Barricade. During and interview in 1990, he said he was an advocate for ” democratic socialism “. That phrase has a very familiar ring to it as of late.

When you take the time to read about Bill De Blasio’s life, I don’t think anyone could deny that the man has been heavily influenced by Marxism, and communism. He was repulsed by the involvement of the U.S. in Nicaragua, and did everything possible to support the communists known as the Sandinistas. I think it would be safe to say, after reading about his life, that he has a deep seated hatred for this country. In my opinion, his current actions as the mayor of New York City, reflects that hatred. He makes no effort to hide his support for Black Lives Matter, which is openly Marxist. His support for BLM is simply a continuation of his activities as a young man, promoting communism, and dissent, which I suspect his parents did in the 1950’s. A side note, everyone makes fun of Bernie Sanders honeymooning in Moscow, but I haven’t heard any jokes about De Blasio honeymooning in Cuba. ( he violated the travel ban to do it. )

During a meeting with the Nicaragua Solidarity Network in the early nineties, he said the liberal values of the group were “far from dead” around the world. Movements are beginning to blossom in places like Mexico, the Philippines, El Salvador and Brazil. He also said they needed to understand and build alliances with Islam, predicting it would soon be a dominant force.

Bill De Blasio, is not a patriot, he has no love for this country. Bill De Blasio wants to turn the United States into socialist hell hole, it is blatantly apparent is everything he does. He is savoring every single injury he inflicts on New York City and the establishment. It is his payback to the USA for it’s actions in South America and the war against the Sandinistas. In my opinion, this has been his ultimate plan since the days he was leading a rag tag team of activists from the ” Nicaraguan Solidarity Network of Greater New York. Their activities included wearing George H.W. Bush masks on subway trains, to creating parties celebrating the Cuban Revolution. His entire life has been involved in anti American activities.

So, how does a guy that is openly anti American become the mayor of the largest and most iconic American Cities? First of all, the main stream media never asks the hard questions. Nobody ever bothered to really examine his background. In essence, no one really cared. Now the price is being paid for indifference to facts.

I have said this again and again. The Democrat party has always been on the wrong side of democracy, and support of our great Republic. The party has a long line of talking points, and clichés, but in reality, they don’t have a love for America, and the ideals set forth by the Founding Fathers. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, are nothing more than unfortunate barriers for their goals. I will never forget Al Gore saying ” the Constitution should be a living document”. Nothing is farther from the truth, and more telling about how the Democrats feel about that precious document.

Stand strong against these dark forces that are ripping our cities apart. Support Police, support law and order, and fight against the Democrats dismantling our justice system. Vote Republican, it’s the most important thing you can do to save this great country.


Portions of this article were taken from a New York times article by Javier Hernandez, published on Sept. 22, 2013.

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